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What is EcoPlas?

Ecoplas is primarily manufactured from Tapioca starch which is a sustainable and renewable resource.  Tapioca (also called Cassava) grows abundantly everywhere in the tropics without any Genetically Modified Organisms.

Why Ecoplas Bags?

  • Ecoplas bags are made from renewable and sustainable resources:  61% of the bag comes from a starch made from the Tapioca Root.
  • Ecoplas bags are biodegradable and break down to micron level particles in water, soil, landfill or compost within one year or less (on average). Conventional plastic bags take 1000 years to do the same.  The degradation time and process has been tested in over 100 labs and field tests have been performed by independent testing
  • Ecoplas bags are comparably priced to regular plastic bags.
  • Ecoplas has a lower carbon footprint, because they use significantly less power in the production process. Some alternative corn based products actually have a higher carbon footprint than ordinary plastic because they require more energy to produce.
  • Ecoplas bags have a significant social value. Tapioca is grown using traditional agricultural practices by the poorest farmers of the world, providing a source of income for village communities to grow and develop.