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Make Those Grocery Trips Easier

Paper or plastic? This is the question many people are approached with each time they buy something at the grocery store. Plastic bags are easier to carry and lightweight so many individuals choose them. However, they are difficult to recycle and often end up with the regular trash instead. Choosing paper may be more eco-friendly, but these bags also have a negative impact on the environment. Recyclable grocery bags are a much better option to ensure you protect the environment without giving up a way to bring your groceries safely home.

Our Jute/ burlap and Cotton canvas grocery bags are just as easy to use as their plastic counterparts and often fit more groceries too. This means you can shop using fewer bags than if you were to bag with the traditional paper or plastic. With the large handles, it is easier than ever to carry your groceries to and from your vehicle. When you choose biodegradable or recyclable grocery bags over the options that are more readily available at the grocery store, you are reducing the amount of waste that heads into the landfill and helping to save the trees by reducing the demand for paper products.

Some people balk at the idea of actually paying for grocery bags. For many years, the bags were simply free from the store. However, this has had a negative impact on the environment. Buying our eco-friendly, biodegradable organic jute grocery bags may cost money initially, but it is a cheaper alternative to the low-quality bags that you can buy directly from your local store. These bags are highly resilient and will last you for many years, making them a great investment to help you bring home your groceries. 

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