Memorable Tokens of Meetings and Workshops

Using water bottles for events like fundraisers and giveaways
are a great marketing strategy that remains with the recipient long after the
event is over. If you’re looking to promote your brand name, company logo, and
slogan, choosing beverage and water bottles could be one of the best ideas.
Have them inscribed with the message you wish to send like, for instance, the
name, date, and venue of the event along with the company contact details or
even, website and you’re sorted.

The interesting thing about such bottles is that you can
choose from the amazing range available at online stores like
and match them to the event and the theme you’re promoting. Let’s take a closer
look at the ideas you can try.

Promoting a New Workout Class

Have you just invited potential customers to try your
newly-opened gym? Many such venues organize a few initial sessions for free so
people can check out the equipment and meet the instructors before considering
signing up for memberships. In place of typical gyms, you could be opening say,
a Yoga, Taichi, Pilates, or Zumba classes to name a few of the newest trends
emerging in the latest times. At the end of the session, you may want to hand
out reusable bottles that participants can use for bringing energy beverages to
class. Here are a few examples:

Promoting a Walkathon or Cyclotron Fundraiser

Walking or cycling meets are another great way to promote some special cause or for the benefit of a charity. Invite people to take part in the events by paying a small fee and show their support for say, the environment or cleaner air. In appreciation of their presence, you can give away reusable, eco-friendly bottles. Have the water bottles for events inscribed with a catchphrase that encourages people to adopt recycling practices in their day to day lives. The bottles you give out can seem like the perfect place to start. Choose from a range of BPA-free aluminum, stainless steel, or glass. We have good collection of Contigo bottles.Read ahead for some great examples:

H2go water bottles at carrygreen

  • H2go Force 26oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Thermal Bottles come with copper vacuum insulation, insulated lid, and stainless steel base. Use them to keep beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.
  • Contigo Shake & Go 28 ozare available in a trending all bl
    Black, Blue, Apple, Orange and Red colors with unique inner rounded bottom and weighted shaker ball
  • H2go Bolt 24 Oz Single Wall Stainless Steel Water Bottles have a smart matte finish and handle for carrying easily.

Team Building Exercises for Corporate Events

Companies organizing occasions like picnics or get-togethers
as team building exercises can also consider giving out water bottles for
events. Each bottle can carry a few lines describing the company ethos and how
success depends on working as a piece of single machinery with multiple
components each playing their own part. These beverage bottles are also ideal
giveaways as prizes for the games your employees play at the event.

Remember, your workers can use these informal meets to mingle
with members from other departments to have a better understanding of the
people who keep the organization going. Giving out bottles that are made with
sustainable materials also promotes your company’s going green policies.

On-Campus College Workshops and Mixers

Colleges and campuses are often the stages for students
exploring ideas about what they’re going to do with their lives once they
graduate. Have you been asked to organize an occasion that students are going
to look forward with excitement and share on social media? Then, a good place
to begin would be to invite influential personalities to spend some time at the
event. Ask them to talk about their experiences in the real world and provide
mentoring lectures that offer valuable guidance. If you can find program grads
that are active on social media or have made their mark in fields that interest
and excite young people, you’ll have a winner on your hands.

Here’s another idea. Studying long hours, preparing
assignments, and studying for exams can be stressful times for students. Make
stress-busting techniques a part of the workshop by setting up stalls where
students can get quick lessons in say, deep breathing exercises, yoga, and time
management. You can also invite chair massage therapists or guided imagery
experts to help attendees manage their classes and learning better.

To make attending the workshops worth their time, consider
giving out water bottles for events to the students. Have them inscribed with
the name of the college and perhaps, the date of the meet and the chief guest
of honor. That’s possibly the best way to help the students remember the event
for a long time.

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