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Drawstring Bags for Kids

“Reduce, reuse, and recycle” is the mantra that our children are now learning in school; however, does this motto really teach our children about how to be eco-friendly? Drawstring backpack bags are getting very popular among kids now-a-days. Ecofriendly Drawstring bags are lightweight and foldable for easy transport.  Kids can carry ecofriendly drawstring cotton/jute bags to gym, beach and also for weekend outings. Here are some of the functions for ecofriendly jute/cotton drawstring bags for kids.

 Drawstring burlap/jute bags is one of the most versatile, durable natural fibers that are extremely sturdy, strong and has the life expectancy of over a thousand plastic carrier bags. When discarded, jute totally decomposes giving back all its valuable nutrients into the soil. Cotton drawstring bags are also biodegradable. Cotton is a natural fiber that will decompose once it is disposed.  In a landfill, a cotton bag will take about 2-3 months to decompose, where other plastic bags would take up to hundreds of years to decompose.

Teach your kids about the importance of the environment, and why and how we should all learn to be more eco-friendly from the very beginning.  We want our future generations, our children to learn that by using only eco-friendly, biodegradable products we can save our planet.

 Drawstring cotton, jute bags are a great carrier for schools. Unlike monotonous heavy bag packs, kids can carry burlap/cotton drawstring bags which are spacious, lightweight and extremely durable.

 Toddlers are into everywhere and into everything. So why not get them into a green lifestyle early on? Organize your toddlers’ room with ecofriendly, drawstring bags. Instead of staffing toys, crayons in plastic baskets, use drawstring bags to put your child’s toys away. They are easy to use, lightweight and due to its drawstring attachment on top, your little one can use it all by themselves.

Eco friendly drawstring bags can be used for crafts for children. Kids always enjoy making their own artwork. Buy drawstring bags in bulk in schools or preschools for kids to and engage them in art and crafts. Just allow the kids to take some fabric paint. They would love to be a fabric designer for a while.  They will want to spend lots of time making their design perfect.  Let kids choose their own, or buy ecofriendly drawstring bags and fabric markers and let them decorate as their own.

During summer camp, cotton drawstring backpacks are ideal for kids. In summer activities like hiking, school excursions, kids can carry these ecofriendly cotton drawstring bags where they could staff all their daily use items like books, crayons, pencils and even a water bottle in the scorching summer heat. It is really one of the convenient ways to enjoy the summer camp by using the drawstring canvas backpack.

Make your child’s birthday memorable by ordering bulk cotton/jute drawstring bags. Create trendy or funny goody bags out of it. You would love having customized backpacks like these cheap custom printed drawstring bags, with your child’s name as a logo. Select colors that match your spirit and celebrate your child’s birthday by choosing jute or cotton fabrics, and purchase fashionable and creative styles everyone can enjoy.

Written By

Sreerupa Ghoshal