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How Do I Know If My Artwork Is Vectored?
If your artwork file ends in: .tiff, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg .doc, .bmp, .png, or .psd it is NOT vectored. If your artwork file ends in .eps, or .ai it *might* be vectored. Here's a simple way to check.
1. Open your artwork in the program Adobe Illustrator.
2. Using your mouse, draw a box around your artwork.
3. If a bunch of lines and dots appear, your artwork is vectored. If just a box appears, your artwork is NOT vectored.
Note: Opening your file in Adobe Illustrator and saving it as a .eps file or .ai file, does NOT necessarily mean that it is vectored.

My Artwork is NOT Vectored. What Do I Do Now?
Our graphic artists can re-create your artwork in vector-based format for a one-time charge of $40. You will be provided with the vector file that you can keep for future printing necessities.