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Give Your Guests Something To Remember With Burlap Favor Bag

Give Your Guests Something To Remember With Burlap Favor Bags

A party of any kind is a wonderful event. This is particularly true if you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation or other special event in your life. While your guests may be bringing their own gifts, it is a great idea to send them home with burlap favor bags filled with carefully selected items.

Depending on the type of celebration you are hosting burlap favor bags can be filled with a variety of different items. You can also design gift bags for men and women as well as for children. By choosing different burlap favor bags for each group you can be sure that each guest has a take home, long lasting reminder of this special day.

Ideas for Weddings and Anniversaries

Having each guest take home elegant yet practical burlap favor bags filled with memories of your special day is a new twist on an old tradition. Thank you cards and fridge magnets with your favorite saying of love or a picture of the two of you is always a great idea.

Other small items that are great to stuff your favor bags include scented candles, custom labeled bottles of wine, wildflower seeds wrapped in burlap and labeled or even confectionaries made by a local business wrapped in the colors of your wedding.

Birthday Burlap Favor Bags for Kids

After your child’s birthday it is customary to give the children that attend the party a favor bag. Choosing CarryGreen burlap favor bags is a great idea since kids always love to have places to store their favorite items.

While the bag itself is part of the gift, you can definitely add all kinds of neat things to make it even more appealing. Candies are always popular, but you can also be more creative and avoid adding sugary treats. Instead consider burlap favor bags filled with a variety of different items including:

  • Seeds or seedling as well as a natural pot and soil
  • Marbles wrapped in burlap and tied with a leather cord
  • Art supplies
  • Kid friendly soaps and bubble bath
  • Small toys that are safe and age appropriate
  • Balls, balloons and puzzles

To quickly identify your burlap favor bags for both boys and girls use different colors of tissue inside to top of the bag or consider tying the handles closed with a ribbon that is either pink or blue, or colors of your choice.

Burlap favor bags can be designed for literally any type of party or event. You can even choose to print a message on the bag, really making it a lasting memory of the day.