Looking for Ideas for Fundraising? Try Eco-Friendly Merchandise

Whatever may be the cause for collecting funds, you need to have a planned strategy about how you intend to go about it. You could be exploring ideas for fundraising for the environmental issues that your city or county is dealing with. Or, you may need money for supporting an animal shelter or to pay for the adoption costs. Then, there are people who don’t really work for a charitable organization but are simply committed to helping people in their free time.

If this is you, and you’re looking to collect funds for some cause close to your heart, organizing merchandise is one of the best ideas for fundraising, mainly because the donors receive some item in return for the money they’re contributing and that sweetens the deal. To begin with, given that most Americans are committed to going green, it may be advisable to choose eco-friendly merchandise as your giveaways or raffle prizes. Read ahead for some effective ways to launch your campaign so you collect the maximum funds for your cause.

Figure Out the Objective for the Fundraiser

The first step of your campaign involves identifying the objective for collecting funds. People like to know about the specific purpose for your efforts and what exactly they’re paying for. For instance, simply talking about a cleaner, greener environment is not enough. Your donors need to see a concrete game plan like the number of trees you will be planting or the recycling trash cans you will be installing in key public areas.


Once you have these details worked out, you can design a smart logo and a catchy slogan. This logo and slogan will appear on the merchandise you order for the fundraiser. Simply upload it to the e-commerce site like www.carrygreen.com where you will be ordering the items and request them to print it for you. Now all that remains is selecting the right products to use as giveaways.

Choose the Right Products to Match Your Campaign

The consultants at the company where you place your orders will likely help you with ideas for fundraising. So, when talking to them, let them know about the cause you’re supporting so they can make the perfect recommendations. Here are a few examples built on the objectives talked about above:


  • Do you intend to plant more trees? Choose padfolios and binders made with recycled paper. Make sure your advertising campaign talks about how you’re all about saving trees and planting more of them.
  • Do you intend to install more trash cans? Your fundraiser items could be reusable bottles made with stainless steel or BPA-free aluminum so people are encouraged to bring beverages from home.
  • Do you intend to support the local community center for seniors? Consider organizing cotton or burlap tote bags that people can use for shopping at the grocery store or carrying other items.

Pick Economical Products

When organizing your fundraiser products, make sure that they’re not so expensive that when you add the donation amount, the cost becomes too high for the average donor. People buying your items are aware that they’re priced higher than the regular market charge so the proceeds can go toward charity. But, you have to make your ideas for fundraising well worth their effort. Make sure each item is usable and economical. For instance, think multi-purpose glass mason jars that can be used for storing food and any other small items like say, buttons, sewing thread, and beads, or even, converted into candles or planters for herbs.

Organize a Raffle

One of the most interesting ideas for fundraising is organizing a raffle in which everyone wins something. You can consider choosing first prizes that include boutique bags, jewelry kits, gorgeous champagne flutes, or lovely wine glasses. But, as you go lower, you could opt for drinking cups, small towels, burlap cushions and runners, and umbrellas, and end with pens and styluses. Just make sure to have them all imprinted with the logo and slogan so you can advertise your cause. Alternatively, choose to add the logo on the packaging to add versatility to the prize.

Organize a Cost-Effective Designing Contest

Here’s another smart idea where you can get help with choosing the logo. Organize a contest where anyone wishing to participate can send in their designs by uploading on the internet. But, to enter the contest, they must pay a small fee that will eventually find its way toward the cause you’re supporting. Choose a few of the best designs and have them imprinted on a denier bag or any other smart product and give them away as prizes. Such ideas for fundraising have various positives. You encourage people to get creative to win something. And, by running the campaign over the internet, you could save on some of the costs associated with the fundraising.

Make Sure to Advertise the Program

To make your efforts and ideas for fundraising successful, make sure that you do your best to advertise the fundraiser. Hand out flyers to all the people in the neighborhood and give them out at the local grocery stores, community center, or church. Encourage people to donate to your cause by sending out emails to friends and family members. You could also request them to help by contacting more people in their circles. If possible, call up donors who have supported various causes in the past or philanthropic organizations that are most likely to show interest in the issues you’re trying to help.

Always Remember to Say, “Thank You!”

As mentioned before, people like you who organize programs and events to help those in need are not likely to stop after their first campaign. And, if you intend to organize more ideas for fundraising in the future, you absolutely need to appreciate the donations that made your event successful. To make that happen, always say, “Thank You!” Send out emails or make phone calls. Display images of the results of your campaign so the donors know that their contributions made a difference.


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