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  1. Recycling Mandatory for Businesses

    It is possible, with the increasing emphasis on global warming and using sustainable resources, that there could be legislation put in place in the future that will force businesses to recycle or make sure that they operate in an eco-friendly manner in as many ways as possible. Forcing recycling does Recycling-Mandatory-for-Businessesnot seem the way forward, but implementing schemes slowly will reward cuts in waste, as well as helping fund research into alternate energy and suchlike would be a good start. Making a ban on plastic bags, so cloth or other reusable sources would

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  2. Recycling the Christmas Tree

    If you use an artificial Christmas tree, you can fold it up and store it for next year. If you have purchased a live tree including the root ball and live in a warm environment, you can plant it in your yard and enjoy it for years to come. A lot of communities have some sort of recycling for cut Christmas trees. Some of them have curbside pickup to recycle the trees. christmas-trees-recycleSome communities use old trees to shred and cover trails and pathways through parks. This helps to reduce and repair the damage created during hikes. Some communities turn old trees into mulch and then provide it to the public for free. Think

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