A Few Ecofriendly Wedding Gifts for Summer Wedding

Summer wedding season is in full swing. A newly married couple can go berserk with their new wedding gifts. It’s getting harder and harder to buy wedding gifts these days. Instead of going places for wedding gift shopping, you can be in the comfort of your home and do all you’re shopping you want from online web stores. A quick suggestion would be to choose gifts which are natural, easy to use and ecofriendly.eco-friendly-wedding-gift-ideas

Customized pillow covers:Whimsical and sweet, CarryGreen’s burlap and cotton pillow covers can  be customized. Choose from ecofriendly customized burlap pillow covers for the newlyweds. Imprint their names on the exterior. This way they would remember the gift giver well.

Ecofriendly travel bags:Choose hard jute burlap bags which are great for travelling long distances. They are hardy, reusable, ecofriendly and a great alternative to plastic travel bags.

Ecofriendly rugs or table runners: An ecofriendly burlap table runner is a great gift for newly wed couples. They are natural, easy to use and a great alternative to plastic table covers.

Organic wine and ecofriendly wine carriers: For a wine enthusiast’s couple, personalized glasses are a must. Etch the recipients’ names or fancy monograms on the glasses. To accompany these gifts, insert favorite white, red or blush varieties into wine gift bags for each of your loved ones. Get it personalized too!

If you're a time savvy customer, you can find CarryGreen’s online shopping site for your convenience and visit our designer ecofriendly handbag section for your wider selections of different sizes, shapes and styles of handbags and other ecofriendly items that you need for wedding gifts.