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Wine Totes

  1. Leave a Lasting Impression with Wine Favor Bags

    wine-favorbagsPeople are always coordinating events and parties to celebrate special occasions. These special occasions can be weddings, graduations, birthdays, or just to celebrate a memorable event. Parties are often packed with guests, all who expect some sort of entertainment, beverage, or food. Wine is often times the most favorable beverage to be consumed during such special occasions, due to its sophistication and popularity. Party favors are always a great way to show appreciation to your guests for their attendance, making the event more enjoyable. With wine being such a popular beverage around the world, they can be used as favors for almost any sort of event. Rather than handing out cheap party favors that will

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  2. Reusable Favor Bags for Events

    Personalized wine bags being used as favors at various events are climbing exponentially in popularity. Reusable-Favor-Bags-for-Events

    Available in a number of stylish designs, guests can take their custom wine bags, as well as any leftover wine home with them and reuse the bags at a later time. Your guests can always bring along your wine bags to any other events or parties they attend and as a result ensure that your personalized wine bags can always be used. By ordering such customized bags, many people think they can only be used for corporate events. However, wine bags can be used as popular birthday gifts, wedding favors, and more. With wine being such a popular beverage around

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  3. Personalize Your Party Favor with Wine Bags

    Custom printed bags are a great way to not only personalize your party favors, but also use them to get yourself noticed. For a corporate event, you can have the wine bags custom designed with the event and company logo as a memorable marketing effort your guests will love. When your guests take the promotional wine bags with them to other events, they will be promoting your company to everyone who sees them. Although this seems like a costly party favor, personalized bags can be found at cheaper prices when bought in bulk. By buying such favors from online product suppliers, you can benefit from cheaper pricing easy ordering process and. You can custom design the promotional bags just how you like for you event. This creates a budget-friendly party favor that events of all sizes can handle.

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  4. Looking for Trendy Wine Bags?

    CarryGreen’s 100% natural jute single bottle wine bag with rope handles makes for a sustainable and chic way to carry any bottle of wine to your next dinner party or social gathering. From gifts of bubblies and whites, to your favorite reds, give two gifts in one with stylish wine bags by CarryGreen. You can even print trendy prints on each wine bag featuring different kinds of wine from around the world. From Pinot Grigio, to Shiraz and Moscato, you will surely find your favorite variety. CarryGreen wine bags make a reusable and wonderful gift or gift bag for wine lovers everywhere.winebags_ad2

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  5. Stop Wasting Gift Wraps & Use Reusable Gift Bags

    You can save money and prevent unnecessary wastage, and at the same time add a personal touch to the gifts that you give by using reusable gift bags and eco-friendly gift wraps. Perfect for any gift size or season, these bags will surely inspire more fun and creative ideas for gift wrapping.Gift-wraps


    During the holiday season four million tons of gift wrapping papers are wasted in just a single year. Considering disposable and light weight gift wraps, that is a staggering amount of gift wraps ending in rubbish piles every year. People spend at least three hours in wrapping gifts just for holidays every year, not including baby showers, weddings and birthday etc. Using flexible and reusable gift wraps, it is

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  6. A Few Ecofriendly Wedding Gifts for Summer Wedding

    A Few Ecofriendly Wedding Gifts for Summer Wedding

    Summer wedding season is in full swing. A newly married couple can go berserk with their new wedding gifts. It’s getting harder and harder to buy wedding gifts these days. Instead of going places for wedding gift shopping, you can be in the comfort of your home and do all you’re shopping you want from online web stores. A quick suggestion would be to choose gifts which are natural, easy to use and

    Customized pillow covers:Whimsical and sweet, CarryGreen’s burlap and cotton pillow covers can  be customized. Choose from ecofriendly customized burlap

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  7. 10 Ecofriendly Wedding Gift Ideas

    A wedding gift can be sophisticated, whimsical, and traditional. A newly married couple can go berserk with their new wedding gifts.  It’s getting harder and harder to buy wedding gifts these days. A quick suggestion would be to choose gifts which are natural, easy to use and ecofriendly.  Here are some tips for eco -friendly wedding gift ideas. Eco-friendly gift ideas

    Customized pillow covers: Whimsical and sweet, CarryGreen’s burlap and cotton pillow covers can   be customized.  Choose from ecofriendly customized burlap pillow covers for the newlyweds. Imprint their names on the exterior. This way they would remember the gift giver well.

    Eco-friendly travel bags: Choose hard jute burlap bags which are great for travelling long distances. They are hardy, reusable, ecofriendly and a great alternati

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  8. Father’s Day Ecofriendly Gift Ideas

    Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re like many people, finding the perfect gift for dad can be a real challenge. You might be stressed out to find a sustainable, ecofriendly gift that your dad would love to cherish for the rest of his life. Instead of falling back on the same old thing this year, maybe it is time to think about doing something different. Put a bit of an earth friendly approach into your choice of gift this year, and give dad something that’s practical and thoughtful. The followings are some ideas of Green Gifts filled with environment friendly options that will make dad smile and possibly even transform him to be more eco-conscious on Father’s day.

    Bamboo Key board and mouse: This could be one

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  9. Wine Not Personalize Your Wine Gift Bag!

    The art of coming up with the perfect gift can be a difficult one. It is a careful balance of determining what people would appreciate and be able to use, while still being special and unique to the occasion. Those interested in coming up with great gift bag ideas or unique wedding ideas should consider personalizing wine gift bags as the perfect answer to all of these criteria.

    What is the appeal of personalized bags?

    Those who enjoy the delicate taste of the perfect white wine or the rich flavor of the deep reds know how exciting it can be to find the perfect wine for a celebration. People bring these wonderful wines to restaurants, to present to friends, or even for a dinner out for two. When they bring their wines with them, they need just the right carrying case as well, and wine totes are the right answer. Rather than using a plain a

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  10. Wine Gift Bags



    As the cool northern breeze blow you away, now is the time for some Wine from the vine.  Yes, technically have some wine from the vine and “Rise and Shine”. I am really fascinated by the CarryGreen’s single bottle wine bag which was given as a gift from a friend. This bag is a perfect gift for a wine lover like me. Made with organic jute, this bag is durable enough to hold any precious wine. Extremely affordable, this bag can be a perfect gift when you are on a budget in this tough economy. It is ecofriendly and 100% recyclable.

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