Customized Office Supplies - Perfect Giveaways to Promote Your Business

Whatever may be the sector where you work, customized office supplies are the best way to create brand recognition. But, do they really work? Take a quick look at these statistics. At least 25% of recipients reveal that they have a positive view of the company providing the promotional giveaways. Around 50% of the people receiving your gifts will continue to use them on a daily basis while at least, 65% of receivers say that they hold on to the items for a minimum of 2 years or longer. After this time, they may forward the gift to someone else. In other words, your gifts will continue to act as a brand ambassador up to the end of their lifecycles.

Choose Customized Office Supplies to Match Your Budget

You can choose office supplies giveaways at different price denominations to match the budget you’ve allocated to your marketing campaign. For instance, if you have a limited amount of funds for promoting a say, startup company, choose from options such as pens carrying your company logo. These pens can have single or double colored inks and include additional features such as a stylus or an LED flashlight mounted on the back. If you think, you can opt for higher-end items, your choice would be journals bound in faux leather or fabric. 

Keep the Designation in Mind When Ordering Promotional Giveaways

When placing orders for your customized office supplies, you must choose the value of the gift according to the designation of the person receiving the gift. For instance, if you’re targeting a business partner, company director, or top executive, you’ll need items such as portfolios and padfolios. The more advanced versions will have adequate room for bringing a tablet, cellphone, calculator, pen, and a bunch of documents. To create a better impression, you can request to have the covers inscribed with the name of the recipient. Place your company logo at the bottom to indicate the business sending the gift. On the other hand, if you’re running a retail store, place a bunch of pens in the bag when making a sale so customers can appreciate and use the small freebies regularly.

Use Giveaways to Commemorate an Event

Promotional giveaways are perfect for commemorating an event or occasion. Order a selection of customized office supplies and give them out not just to your customers and vendors, but also to your employees. Are you celebrating your company’s establishment? Pick out pens, coffee mugs, or journals and gift them to celebrate the occasion. Has your company just organized a stall at a trade show? Are the Holidays coming around? Or, maybe, you’re having an office party for Halloween. A great idea would be to give out small gifts so your workers remember the wonderful time they had and look forward to the next one. While free swag is just what you need for advertising your brand name, do remember to include your staff and show employee appreciation.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Designing the Giveaways

When you contact the agency taking orders for customized office supplies, you can expect that the consultants will assist you with effective ideas for the prints and designs. Well-styled logos and perhaps, a slogan can add to the impact of your gifts. Here are a few starting points to keep in mind.

Pick Out the Right Color Scheme

Whatever may be the giveaways you choose, make sure they coordinate with the particular marketing strategy you’ve planned. You’ll also want to pick out the color scheme that matches the logo. For instance, Holiday themes will be all about red, white, and green. But, if your campaign is organized around St. Patrick’s Day, go for greens. And, since Halloween ushers in the Fall, you’ll order items that reflect the hues of the season like oranges, blacks, tans, purples, and other colors in the spectrum.

Pick Out the Right Font

When placing your brand name and catchphrase on the padfolios, portfolios, and pens, choose a combination of fonts in different sizes. The size and presentation should direct the eye to the message you’re trying to get across. At the same time, the fonts should reflect the kind of products and services your company sells. For instance, baby and pet products can be cute and flowery. But, SEO services will need a bold, solid font that evokes respect for the professionalism of your business.

Pick Out High-Grade Merchandise

Selecting the right merchandise needs you to maintain the perfect balance between quality and quantity. Make sure to pick out high-grade items that reflect on the standards and ethics of your company. If you have a smaller budget, limit the number of items you order and restrict the list of recipients. You can also choose alternatives that may cost less, but are equally good quality. Remember, the reputation of your business depends on the impression the giveaways make.

Pick Out the Right Placement for Contact Information

Adding contact information is the most important part of your customized office supplies program. Place the details where customers can spot them easily when they’re ready to contact you for information or to place orders. You can include a phone number along with an email address. However, have lots of empty space to add sophistication to the design. Crowding too much writing can take away from the appeal of the giveaway.

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