Mother’s Day Gifts - How to Make Her Feel Special

With life getting back to normal after the pandemic, you’ll want to make Mother’s Day truly special for all the lovely women in your life. So, when you’re looking for the best ideas to make up for the last couple of years, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these cute gift ideas you could order for the best Moms in the world. Do keep in mind that each one can be customized with a heartfelt message expressing your feelings for the recipient. Not sure what the message should be? Feel free to rely on our expert consultants for ideas. Ready to get started on the best options from CarryGreen?

For the Corporate Executive Mom

Returning to the office environment post-pandemic will need fresh supplies. Your high-flying executive mom is sure to appreciate a stylish Padfolio with lots of space for holding her tablet and a writing pad with sheets that she can replace with important documents. This smart folder also has room for business cards and a pen and is available in an elegant black with a choice of colored inserts. You can also get it customized with her name in stylish calligraphy and ensure that she is well-equipped for her success on the job. 

For the Jet Setting Mom

After two years of stay-at-home orders, many people are catching up with their travel plans and going on vacations. If your Mom intends to spend summer lying on a beach in Mexico soaking up the sun, she will love to own a new duffel bag. Available with a front pocket for holding a cell phone, the bag is made with washable cotton and has webbed handles and a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry. Complete the vacation package with a beach towel in conventional rectangular or unusual round shapes. Don’t forget to get the towels customized with spot colors or an image that has special significance for your Mom.

For the Backpacker Mom

Is your Mom gearing up for a backpacking holiday? One of her first purchases will likely be a sturdy backpack to bring all her supplies for the trip. Check out these trendy water-resistant backpacks made with 250D Tarpaulin that are suitable for short out-of-town tours. Padded shoulder straps and a web carrying handle make the bag easy to manage and lug around. Even after the holiday, your Mom can use the backpack for transporting groceries and any other items. Available in black and blue, the bags are washable and reusable. Here is another tip. Backpackers need smaller kits to keep toiletries and smaller items organized and easily located in the giant bag. Make it easy for your Mom by giving her a couple of foldable or zippered kits that are extremely handy for traveling. 

For the Fitness Enthusiast Mom

Fitness enthusiast moms who love to work out or play a sport to stay in shape will love to receive these workout towels available in various colors. These towels are made with 100% cotton terry velour and designed to be ultra-absorbent and soft, just the sports accessory your Mom would need for wicking away sweat. Whether she enjoys cycling, running, or a high-intensity workout at the gym, this is the perfect gift for her. If you want to get it customized with a logo and message on one end, pick from the all-white collection. Combine a set of towels with a duffel bag for all her added supplies, and you’re sure to make her day truly special. 

For the Die-Hard Foodie Mom

If you’ve grown up in a household where good food and gourmet specialties were the norm, your Mom is probably a cooking enthusiast and prides herself as a top-notch chef. Recognize and celebrate her passion with these kitchen towels. Not only can you get the towels customized with photo-realistic prints, but you can also get a special message added on one end. Show your appreciation for all those fantastic meals she cooked, but you never ate. This could be your way of apologizing for all the exasperation you caused by insisting on eating only grocery store-bought mac-n-cheese with spoonfuls of ketchup. 

For the Eco-Conscious Mom

Is your Mom obsessive about recycling and cutting back on her carbon footprint? Gift her these jute burlap tote bags that can be washed and reused multiple times for groceries and all her other shopping. She’ll not only love that the bag is reusable but also that it is made with natural fibers and completely biodegradable, so it won’t harm the environment at the end of its lifecycle. These bags are spacious and sturdy enough to carry more weight. Best of all, they’ll help your Mom lower the amount of paper and plastic bags she has to use to transport her purchases.

For the Wine Connoisseur Mom

Are you thinking of getting your Mom her favorite wine this Mother’s Day? Take it one step further by packing the bottles in a smart tote specially designed with compartments for bottles. Get the bag imprinted with a lovely message telling her how much she means to you and thanking her for shaping you into the person you are today. As long as you’re making a celebration of her love for fine wines, you could also add stylish wine glasses, also with customization. 

Cherish the Moms in Your Family by Spending Time with Them

The ideas we’ve listed above are recommended as the highlights of the show. Your Mother’s Day celebrations would not be complete without the customary candy, flowers, and a lovely dinner at her favorite restaurant. Most of all, moms appreciate the time you’ll spend with them. Take the day off from work and plan a whole day with the family by organizing a bunch of activities that all the special women are sure to enjoy together.


For more gift ideas, check out the collection at CarryGreen, your one stop shop for eco-friendly items that value Mother Earth. We’ll also help with more ideas to make your Mom truly happy.