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  1. Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness with Promotional Items

    Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness with Promotional Items

    Breast cancer affects millions of people worldwide, both directly and indirectly. Spreading awareness about the disease, supporting research for a cure, and rallying for early detection are crucial endeavors. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many organizations and individuals are seeking impactful ways to make a difference. Using promotional items is a highly effective way to spread the message, fundraise, and show support. Here’s how you can leverage them for this cause.

    Breast Cancer awareness

    Pink Ribbons: The Universal Symbol

    The pink ribbon is a universal symbol for breast cancer awareness. Whether as a lapel pin, a keychain, or a sticker, this emblem instantly communicates your support for the cause. By handing out or selling pink ribbon i

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  2. Customized Office Supplies - Perfect Giveaways to Promote Your Business

    Customized Office Supplies - Perfect Giveaways to Promote Your Business

    Whatever may be the sector where you work, customized office supplies are the best way to create brand recognition. But, do they really work? Take a quick look at these statistics. At least 25% of recipients reveal that they have a positive view of the company providing the promotional giveaways. Around 50% of the people receiving your gifts will continue to use them on a daily basis while at least, 65% of receivers say that they hold on to the items for a minimum of 2 years or longer. After this time, they may forward the gift to someone else. In other words, your gifts will continue to act as a brand ambassador up to the end of their lifecycles.

    Choose Customized Office Supplies to Match Your Budget

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  3. Top 15 Promotional Products

    Holiday Gift Ideas that Actually Work

    Giving out promotional products during the
    holidays is an excellent way to entice customers to choose your brand over
    competitors. You can also use them to show appreciation to past customers and
    clients for their business all through the year. And, of course, remind
    existing buyers why they chose your company over others selling similar
    products. Should you check around for holiday gift ideas, you’ll find a
    mind-boggling range of items you can give out. But, how would you choose the
    best options that are sure to make the right impact? Read ahead for some of the
    criteria to keep in mind along with some great examples on how to make them

    Plan the Budget for Your
    Advertising Campaign

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  4. Personalized Valentines Gift Ideas - Make Your Lady Love Feel Oh So Special

    Think about it! If you get your Valentine’s gift ideas right and match the expectations of the lady in question (and, her BFF), the next 12 months could be totally blissful. But, if you’re unlucky to get it wrong, like if you were unable to pick up the broad hints being dropped everywhere, there’ll be hell to pay. Chances are that you’ll go through the rest of the year listening to snide comments about how the hint was so obvious but you still couldn’t catch on. If the February 2019 jitters have just hit you, let’s try taking some of the load off your chest with a few possibly interesting Valentine’s gift ideas.

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  5. Giveaway Gift Ideas in Trade shows - Create an Indelible Impression of Your Business

    Using trade shows as a marketing strategy is considered one of the most effective tools out there. Given that such events are organized to promote a particular industry, chances are that only your target audience is attending the trade show. This factor helps you narrow down the scope of your marketing efforts towards the right prospective buyers. All that remains now is to create the ideal lasting impression that acts as the perfect takeaway from the event - giveaway gifts.

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  6. Stumped for Holiday Gift Ideas? Combine Utility with Eco-Friendly Themes

    Stumped for Holiday Gift Ideas? Combine Utility with Eco-Friendly Themes

    With the holidays coming up quickly, you’re probably on the lookout for gifts for friends, family members, and perhaps, clients and employees depending on the scale your business operations. With more than 75% of Americans admitting that they are keenly conscious of their impact on the environment, 2018 is all about eco-friendly holiday gift ideas. Most people you talk to are making an effort to minimize wasteful expenditure and bring their loved ones practical gifts that are sustainable and will help lower the carbon footprint. After all, you do want to bring someone a gift he

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  7. Exciting Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Dinner this Year - Try the Rustic Theme

    Exciting Themes for Your Thanksgiving Dinner this Year - Try the Rustic Look

    November is one of the most eagerly awaited times of the year with 85% of Americans gearing up for festivities that include football and lavish feasts. Did you know that close to 60 million delicious turkeys and other all-time favorite dishes are included in the quintessential Thanksgiving dinner each year? Here’s another interesting fact. Aside from the USA, eight other countries also celebrate the Holiday including Canada, Norfolk Island, Germany, and China. Almost every family has the Thanksgiving meal with members traveling long distances to be with loved ones and celebrate the occasion. So, of course, you’ll want to make this event a memorable time for the family.


    So, what’s the theme you’ve chosen for this year?

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  8. Cotton for Babies

    One of the main benefits of cotton clothing is the softness of the fabric. With a babies newborn skin it is delicate and anything harsh will irritate and rub their new skin. Cotton is a super soft natural fabric that allows for well air circulation, which helps absorb and remove body moisture, drawing heat away from the skin and keeping the body dry and cool providing a Cotton-for-Babiesperfect sleeping environment for baby. Also, because cotton clothing "breathes" better, it is the best choice to keep your baby cool in humid, hot weather. The ends of cotton fibers are spun very tightly into the yarn so that the fabric does not irritate the skin or cause static electricity making it very

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  9. Ecofriendly Way to support Breast Cancer Research

    The colors, designs, and styles of ecofriendly grocery bags are far too numerous to list. Finding the ones that you find appealing is a simple task. If you carry wine to a dinner party as a gift to your hostess, take it in a jute wine bag. These bags have bamboo handles and look very sophisticated. They are made in a single or twin bottle design. Deliver presents in ecofriendly gift bags.breastcancer-2015

    Some bags allow you to express your interest in conservation efforts. Others give you an opportunity to advertise your business or a

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  10. Cotton – preferred choice in hospitals and birthing centers

    Cotton-–-preferred-choice-in-hospitals-and-birthing-centersCotton – preferred choice in hospitals and birthing centers

    Cotton is the preferred choice in hospitals and birthing centers; it is very common to see your newborn being swaddled in cotton receiving blankets after birth. Being non-allergenic, it is an excellent choice of material for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies, or those who have sensitive skin prone to irritation. Pediatricians will sometimes suggest using cotton clothing and blankets for babies that have eczema or other skin maladies, before they will encourage using harsh s

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