Graduation Day Gift Ideas - Celebrate Your
Child’s “Rite of Passage”

Passing out of school and college are major milestones in any
child’s lifetime. These are events that all parents look forward to with happy
anticipation. Like all parents, you’ll want to revel at the moment when your
children appear before you in that gown and the mortarboard hats. As you
prepare to attend the memorable occasion, you’ll want to look for some great
Graduation Day gift ideas to let your kids know just how proud you are of them.
Depending on whether they’re going to attend college or get jobs in their
journey into adulthood, you can plan the appropriate presents that they can use
all the time.

Take a look at some of the best gift ideas that are durable
and will last them a good long while.

Choose Useful Supplies for Kids Going Off to

Tote Bags and Backpacks

If your kids will be attending college, you’ll choose tote bags or backpacks for carrying books, folders, assignments, and other stationery to class. Look for smart bags that come with plenty of pockets to keep various items organized like, for instance, cell phone, sunglasses, or even, a small computer or tablet. At the same time, you’ll want your kids to look trendy and hip when carrying them. Choose Graduation Day gift ideas in a range of colors and styles. You could also have them printed with some logo that your kids might like.


Although kids do most of their studying online, they may need to submit written assignments and other papers. They may also need to carry journals to class to take notes. A great graduation day gift idea would be padfolios that contain high-grade, ruled paper for writing. Should you choose the more advanced range, you might be able to find padfolios that work as complete folders for bringing more than just paper. Choose folders that have pockets for holding pens and styluses along with loose sheets of paper and ribbon bookmarks. For a personalized touch, you can always opt to have the folders embossed with the kids’ names or a stylish monogram with their initials.

Travel Bags

College students tend to travel a lot between home and school. They may also take trips to attend workshops or training classes held at off-campus destinations. For such trips, you could consider buying soft-back travel or duffel bags that carry enough clothes and essentials for say, a couple of day’s stays or weekends away. While you could choose leather luggage, it makes more sense to buy eco-friendly fabric bags made with cotton or denier that are easy to maintain. All you need to do is run them through a washer and you’re sorted.

Pouches and Organizers

You’d be surprised at the number of small knickknacks that
kids keep losing all the time. Graduation day gift ideas of pouches and
organizers are a great choice because they help keep the items sorted. For
girls, makeup and other essentials can fit very well into pouches that they can
toss into the bigger college tote. And, to help them keep their accessories in
place, you could gift them the jewelry folders.

Beverage Bottles

Reusable bottles for bringing beverages are another smart gift idea. Choose bottles made with stainless steel, BPA-free aluminum, or glass. All of these materials are eco-friendly and not likely to cause harm even if they are used to carry hot or cold beverages including water. Bringing water from the dorm can help them save on the cost of bottled water and lower the plastic waste that ends up in landfills.

Choose Handy Supplies for Kids Joining Jobs


With the required degrees under their belts, your kids may be
ready to start their first jobs. Now that they’re ready to be on their own, you
could think about graduation day gift ideas that they can proudly bring to
their workplace. A great place to start would be portfolios that are spacious
enough to carry documents and maybe, even a surface or tablet. Choose smart
folders that can also carry a cellphone, calculator, styluses, and ruled paper.
For the corporate setting, you may need to choose portfolios bound with faux leather
or fabric with or without embossing.

Insulated Lunch Bags

With most corporate offices and other workplaces encouraging
their employees to eat healthily, you could help your kids follow the office
ethos by bringing packed lunches from home. And, insulated bags could be the
perfect graduation day gift ideas. Such bags typically have enough room for a
lock-and-lock box to bring a salad or sandwich, a fruit or two, juice or any
other beverage box, and perhaps, a couple of energy bars to keep them going through
the day. Bringing coffee in a reusable stainless steel or glass bottle could
also be a smart way to cut back on their carbon footprint and prevent the
toxins in the plastics from leeching into the drinks.

Like with college students, your young adults may also need
small duffel bags for short trips to attend meetings with clients or
conventions, or even, for a weekend visiting you at home. Think about
graduation day gift ideas that will serve them well for a good many years.

Graduation Day is an exciting time for youngsters since
they’re gearing up for the next phase in their lives. College means going out
there on their own and learning to be independent. For young adults starting
their first real jobs and a career, stepping into the real world is a scary,
yet thrilling prospect. At these crucial times in their lives, kids need the
support and encouragement of their parents. Go ahead and show them how happy
you are for them with some smart graduation day gift ideas.

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