A study on the life cycle of three types of disposable bags i.e. compostable plastic, paper, and single-use plastic showed that both paper bags and compostable plastic needed more material per bag in the manufacturing process. This meant higher consumption of raw materials in the manufacture of the bags and greater energy in manufacturing of the bag and greater fuel usage in the transportation of the finished product. The added requirements of transport and manufacturing energy for the compostable and paper bag systems far exceed the raw material use in the standard plastic bag method.paper-plastic-2

Use long-lasting, durable containers that will last years rather than disposable fruit salad, chip bags, sandwich wraps or pudding cups. Stop using disposable napkins and instead opt for washable, durable cloth napkins that will not wind up in a landfill. Use a high-quality water bottle to bring a drink instead of disposable containers. Thermal-insulated bags will even keep your drink and food as hot or as cold as when you packed it.