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ecofriendly bags

  1. Green Material for Promotional Bags

    Printed bags can be made of jute, cotton, cloth, or any other affordable material that are quite easy to design and print on. For mass marketing efforts, you can order bags made from very affordable material and have them printed on which further saves you money.Green-Material-for-Promotional-Bags

    For example, if you want to add a Green factor to your drive to better appeal to the growing numbers of environmentalists out there, always pay attention to what you are giving away. If you want to give away printed bags, then give away bags that are made from Green material such as jute. Other materials would apply to other marketing drives, like using

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  2. Burlap for Budget Wedding

    If you are in a tight budget and want a wedding day that you and all your guests will long remember then the answer to that might just be a burlap themed wedding. A burlap theme wedding can be held outdoors or indoors. Outdoors can be a back yard or garden and how wonderful it would be in a large room or barn that you choose as your venue. You can do a number of things with burlap from flowers to decorations for the ceremony, reception and the wedding invitations. You can buy burlap in bulk online for a cost effective way to start out and compare prices offered there also. There are inexpensive readymade burlap themed items that you can shop online or your local craft stores might carry items in burlap in their stores.

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  3. Cotton – Ecologically Friendly

    Plastic is a byproduct of petroleum and not exactly environmentally friendly. Seeing a landscape littered with plastic is not nice on the eyes or the landscape. In order to make paper bags, more and more trees obviously will need to be cut down. On top of all this, plastic and paper bags simply cannot match the durability of a cotton bag.Cotton-–-Ecologically-Friendly

    Nowadays people are switching to more ecologically friendly products which include the use of cotton bags. The advantage of cotton bags

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  4. New Year Recycling Resolution

    The holidays are finally over and we can hopefully begin slowing down and getting our lives back to normal.newyear-resolution It is not too late to make recycling resolutions. New Years are a great opportunity to not only reuse, but to recycle. Almost all of the boxes and wrapping paper can be recycled. There are practically endless possibilities to reuse. Most of the ribbons that are used to pack gifts can be used for several years. A lot of boxes that hold the gifts can be used for packaging gifts the next year. Some stores even charge for gift boxes! Pretty little gift bags can be used for somebody else’s gift anyplace down the road. T

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  5. Trend or Demand for Reusable Bag

    Reusable bags are still the bag of choice for most occasions under the prevalent theme about environment protection. Hence people would strive to make it better, and the solution should be a bag that is, easily folded flat, both for storage at the checkout counter and for refolding for the return journey. trend-for-resuable-bagsComparatively inexpensive to produce, so the grocery stores and supermarket would use it in greater amount not worrying about their cost control. Made of durable, sustainable materials that give the bag structure but also keep it lightweight. Easy to carry, maybe in different patterns like traditional

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  6. Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

    Throwing a thanksgiving party that is eco-friendly may not be as complicated as it seems. Just stick to the rule of Reduce, reuse and recycle. You can lessen the amount of wastage being made by only buying items that are needed. You can also reuse a lot of things for the party.thanksgiving For example, you can reuse the decorations that were used last season. Eco friendly decorations are another good idea to celebrate the thanksgiving season. Remember to carry jute bags or paper bag when you go and do some shopping. You can use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins that can be washed and used again. Make it a point to recycle all metal, waste paper

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  7. Paper bags – as bad as Plastic bags

    A study on the life cycle of three types of disposable bags i.e. compostable plastic, paper, and single-use plastic showed that both paper bags and compostable plastic needed more material per bag in the manufacturing process. This meant higher consumption of raw materials in the manufacture of the bags and greater energy in manufacturing of the bag and greater fuel usage in the transportation of the finished product. The added requirements of transport and manufacturing energy for the compostable and paper bag systems far exceed the raw material use in the standard plastic bag method.paper-plastic-2

    Use long-lasting, durable containers that will last years rather than disposable fruit salad, chip bags, sandwich wraps or pudding

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  8. Tips for being more eco-friendly this fall

    Putting on an extra layer of clothing can mean that you take a little longer to turn the heat on, or that you leave the heat on at a lower thermostat temperature. Every tiny bit that you can avoid cranking the heat saves you fuel usage, which isn't just good for the planet, it's also good for your pocketbook.ecofriendly-this-fall


    Eating what's in season instead of supporting fuel-wasting and non-environmentally friendly importations of non-seasonal produce can have a huge impact on the planet. Agriculture is one of the most planet-destroying activities around in its current scale.

    Before winter hits, take time in the fall to check your window, door, basement and attic insulation.

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  9. Make a Statement with Trendy Handbags

    A handbag or a tote can add lots of charm to the otherwise plain dressing style. Apart from being stylish and trendy, a handbag should be functional to meet the daily needs of a woman. Picking up the right colored tote is also important. Though printed bags are trendy, it is better to carry a single colored tote or handbag in case you are wearing a colorful and flashy costume. trendy-bagsYou can even add a few handbags that go well with the change of seasons. It is a wonderful idea to go with red in fall or green in spring. Black is one such color that goes well with all seasons. Handbags and tote bags are available in an array of materials and textures

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  10. Green Fashion Accessories

    Nowadays, women and men around the world who make the choice to accessorize with eco-friendly, fashionable designs are becoming part of the fashion elite. Green fashion accessories for old and young, and talk about unique! You have to like the concept of sporting a product that is on its second (or third) time around don't you? It supports our earth smart mantra- recycle, re-use and reclaim. And who doesn't like to be unique with a dash of sustainability thrown in for good measure? If you don't like standing out in the crowd then breeze right by this cool, green fashion jewelry and fashion forward bags. What's more, you're not only doing something nice for you but you're doing right by the environment.greenfashion-accessories

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