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reusable bags

  1. Election Campaign Giveaways

    Make your election campaign a success by using reusable promotional tote Bags, which will not only increase the spirit amongst the recipients but will also spread consciousness about the importance of eco friendliness in a democratic nation. Imprint your message or election symbol on these attractive bags and every time you give these out, your candidature wElection-Campaign-Giveawaysill continue to have a good impression in the minds of voters. Easy to distribute and light weight, totes with logo can be used as mailer gift items as well. These trendy and practical products will get instant attention and the recipients will love to keep these

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  2. Trend or Demand for Reusable Bag

    Reusable bags are still the bag of choice for most occasions under the prevalent theme about environment protection. Hence people would strive to make it better, and the solution should be a bag that is, easily folded flat, both for storage at the checkout counter and for refolding for the return journey. trend-for-resuable-bagsComparatively inexpensive to produce, so the grocery stores and supermarket would use it in greater amount not worrying about their cost control. Made of durable, sustainable materials that give the bag structure but also keep it lightweight. Easy to carry, maybe in different patterns like traditional

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  3. Paper bags – as bad as Plastic bags

    A study on the life cycle of three types of disposable bags i.e. compostable plastic, paper, and single-use plastic showed that both paper bags and compostable plastic needed more material per bag in the manufacturing process. This meant higher consumption of raw materials in the manufacture of the bags and greater energy in manufacturing of the bag and greater fuel usage in the transportation of the finished product. The added requirements of transport and manufacturing energy for the compostable and paper bag systems far exceed the raw material use in the standard plastic bag method.paper-plastic-2

    Use long-lasting, durable containers that will last years rather than disposable fruit salad, chip bags, sandwich wraps or pudding

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  4. Business Potential for Reusable Bags

    Use of recyclable and reusable bags has now been promoted as a lifestyle. In cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, customers have begun treating eco-friendly bags such as nylon bag as an essential accessory that can be used again and again for weeks or months, to carry lunch to the office, books to the beach or laundry to the cleaners.jute best

    If you are responsible for a bag purchasing plan, check

    These bags are the most prevalent choice for both personal as well as corporate gifting. So manufacturers or stores, picking up a marketing opportunity, are getting in to a heated competition to make the most durable, fashionable reusable bags. From mid-priced chains to upscale

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  5. Soy Candles – a biodegradable option

    Soy candle wedding favors are a great biodegradable option to normal candles and will be great for guests who love You can even take it up a notch and use votive style candles with great scenes of nature in the fall. If you live near a national park see if you can use such images as a template for the designs for your candles. Whatever items you use make sure they are recyclable or biodegradable. It is of no use to support conservation and preserving natural treasures if you are just going to give people a greater opportunity to litter or make more polluting garbage. So take into account how "green" your wedding favors are this fall. is a web-based store having a large selection of totes from

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  6. Reusable Favor Bags for Events

    Personalized wine bags being used as favors at various events are climbing exponentially in popularity. Reusable-Favor-Bags-for-Events

    Available in a number of stylish designs, guests can take their custom wine bags, as well as any leftover wine home with them and reuse the bags at a later time. Your guests can always bring along your wine bags to any other events or parties they attend and as a result ensure that your personalized wine bags can always be used. By ordering such customized bags, many people think they can only be used for corporate events. However, wine bags can be used as popular birthday gifts, wedding favors, and more. With wine being such a popular beverage around

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  7. How to Repurpose Scrubbers

    Cleaning up grime and dust can be an icky business. In our hurriedness to get the muck out, we repeatedly make use of paper towels and various other cleaning tools for single use purpose. Although these items are more handy and easy to use, they are awfully pernicious, especially when a more eco-friendly solution can easily be used. Instead of using paper towels to wipe windows and mirrors, use scrunched up newspapers. Sew up a few reusable covers for the Swiffer, turn old socks into handy dusters, and cut up old towels to use as cleaning rags. Sponges are good for use as a reusable cleaning tool, but after sometime they become breeding ground for bacteria. You can sanitize them by washing thoroughly and then soaking them in heavily salted cold water for a couple of hours. You can also place the sponges in your microwave to kill germs or run them through the dishwasher’s sanitize cycle along with the dishes.

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  8. Top 5 Ecofriendly Alternatives for Plastic

    Top 5 Ecofriendly Alternatives for Plastic

    Plastic is so ingrained in our daily lives that it is difficult to imagine without them. They are everywhere. They are durable, long lasting and have become a seemingly ubiquitous part of our national culture.

    There is couple of ecofriendly alternatives to plastics. Here are some most common alternatives. alternative-of-plastic


    Glass: We are so much used to plastic water bottles and milk bottles on our kitchen counters. Unlike plastic, glass is made from sand. This renewable source contains no chemicals that can leach into your food or body. And it's easily recycled. Sure, glass is a breakable material but it won't l

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  9. Why Eco-Fashion?

    It is said that if every consumer on a daily basis, starts to knowingly link their purchase to the consumption of limited resources of Earth, and takes responsibility of their own consumption of resources, we might be able to live as a supportable

    Eco-fashion or alternate fashion is a part of the fashion world. Eco-fashion is a part of a larger trend where the product is manufactured and produced keeping in mind the social and environmental impact it might have all through its life cycle. This impact would be in terms of no child labor, lesser carbon footprint

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  10. Greener Ideas for Business

    With consumer demand on the rise for products that are environmentally sustainable, it’s a savvy decision for business to align its philosophy and practices with this demand. Consumers tend to support and remain loyal to companies that are good stewards of the planet. Today, consumer focus is on reduce, re-use and recycle.

    Advertising a company with promotional tote bags that are green is the ideal way to show that a business is making a positive contribution to the planet. Plastic bags take years to biodegrade, pollute rivers, clog drains, kill wildlife and destroy plant life. An eco friendly bag alternative is the jute tote. Jute has a long life span, is renewable and sustainable. It’s 100 percent biodegradabale and returns valuable nutrients back to the soil when it decomposes. It also does not pollute the atmosphere in the manuf

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