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beach tote bags

  1. Chic Fashion and Beach Bags for Summer

    The word chic has been derived from the French word “Chique” which means elegance. It refers to the modern woman who is smart and stylish. Chic fashion is the ultimate expression of your feminine characteristics and free flowing spirit. Chic dresses are always in season and consist of a wide array of style and color. These dresses go best with exuberant jewelries and accessories that are natural and ecofriendly.


    Carrygreen has a wide selection of ecofriendly jute and cotton bags which will attract your wardrobe this summer. With sunny skies, warm winds and soft sands, the beach tote bags are would complement your chic fashion for summer. CarryGreen offers this three colored 12 oz. Cotton tote bag which is ideal for a picture perfect beach outing. It has one large compartment and it big enough to throw beach stuff like essential oils,

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  2. Radical Nautical Styles for Memorial Days and Beach Season

    Looking for some radical accessories to rev up your personal style for Memorial Day? Whether you’re hosting a friendly get together on the outdoor patio, heading out to a local parade or planning a barbeque at a park to commemorate those who died while in service, think red, white and blue for both a patriotic statement and nautical look to mark the beginning of summer. Memorial Day is celebrated to commemorate soldiers and the onset of summer.

    At Carry Green, we offer a wide variety of boat eco-friendly bags to make to holiday extra special. Get a stylish nautical look with our cotton boat tote bags trimmed in navy, royal blue or red. These striped bags feature a chic Hampton-style with its color-contrasted trim. Available in 10 ounce and 12 ounce sizes, there’s plenty of room to st

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  3. Great Gift Ideas for all the May Babies

    With emerald green being the signature birthstone for May babies, giving someone a green and eco-friendly bag is the ideal gift. It adds a whole new meaning to the sparkling emerald stone.

    Warm spring and summer skies are the ideal times for a beach rendezvous, and beach tote bags are a must-have. Choose from a wide array of beach tote bags in different styles, shapes and sizes. Our eco-friendly jute fashion bag with cane handles is ideal for beachgoers who sport a trendy look. It’s both casual, charming and holds all the beach essentials like towel, suntan lotion and paperback books. This beach tote bag is made from natural materials and is sustainable. Like all of our beach tote bags, it features the best gra

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  4. Mother's Day the Green Way

    Jute bag Jute bag

    Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you're like many people, finding the perfect gift for mom can be a real challenge. Instead of falling back on the same old thing this year, maybe it is time to think about doing something different. Put a bit of an earth friendly approach into your choice of gift this year, and give mom something that's practical and thoughtful, but most of all, green. Carry Greenhas come up with some unique ideas that are sure to appeal to any mom.

    Personalized Bags

    Turn up mom's fashion sense with an Eco-friendly jute fashion bag with cane handles. You can personalize the bag by adding her initials, a family

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  5. Beach Essentials: Because Summer Can't Get Here Soon Enough!

    As the winter weather melts into spring, it is time to start preparing for summer vacation plans. Early preparation makes it easier for you to ensure that you have all of the essentials for the beach and your other summer activities. Starting with the essentials will help you determine what you need to purchase for the upcoming season.

    Bags and Suitcases

    Before you plan a summer trip, determine the bags and suitcases that are appropriate for your plans. Evaluate your beach tote bags from last year to determine if they are still appropriate. If you discover that they are a little worn or dated, replace your tote with an eco friendly bag that will help you keep beach essentials organized and ready. Burlap tote bags are a good choice for durability, eco-friendly materials and easy cleaning.

    Suitcases depend on your situation. If you are planning an extensive summer vacation, then you may want to consider a large bag. A short weekend trip might not need anything more

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