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jute shopping bags

  1. Monogrammed Gift Ideas

    Personalized that Touches Your Heart

    Buying gifts in the 21st century is easier
    than ever!

    All you need to do is go to a gift store,
    pick out the item you think the recipient will adore and you’re sorted! The era
    of e-commerce sites has made gifting so much convenient. In addition to
    choosing the right gift, you can also have it delivered to your loved one. Just
    a few clicks and you save hours having to go to the store and pick out and
    deliver that special token. And, if you’re looking to add that extra personal
    touch to reach the heart of the recipient, you can try monogrammed gift ideas!

    Transform a Simple
    Store-Bought Item into a Cherished Memory

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  2. Jute Fashion

    Jute handbags combine colorful and funky designs with the latest trends for environment-friendly statements and natural looks, carrying a unique charm for consumers. Compared to the conventional leather and fabric handbags, they are much lighter.jutefashion The use of natural jute fiber also fits in with the trend for environmental protection, while many handbags even come as "natural" jute to accentuate their appeal - and probably even enhance health requirements for the product. The simple jute bag has become a representation of fashionable and ethical intent. The aim of the design is simple - to encourage people not to use plastic shopping bags.

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  3. How to Reduce Plastic Bag Uses

    Plastic bags have been introduced to the US super market in 1977. It has been estimated that Americans use and throw away about 100 billion plastic bags every year. Only 5% of disposable plastic bags end up being recycled. The oil used to make just 14 plastic bags could make enough fuel to drive a car for one mile. Plastic bags have disastrous effects on the environment as they result to global warming. The following methods need to be adopted to reduce plastic bag uses.reduce-reuse-recycle

    Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle:  Reduce using single use plastic bag at your every trip to the grocery store. Carry cotton bags and jute bags at office, shopping or parties. Use recyclable j

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