Exciting Themes for Your Thanksgiving Dinner this Year - Try the Rustic Look

November is one of the most eagerly awaited times of the year with 85% of Americans gearing up for festivities that include football and lavish feasts. Did you know that close to 60 million delicious turkeys and other all-time favorite dishes are included in the quintessential Thanksgiving dinner each year? Here’s another interesting fact. Aside from the USA, eight other countries also celebrate the Holiday including Canada, Norfolk Island, Germany, and China. Almost every family has the Thanksgiving meal with members traveling long distances to be with loved ones and celebrate the occasion. So, of course, you’ll want to make this event a memorable time for the family.


So, what’s the theme you’ve chosen for this year?

Thanksgiving is All About Celebrating the Harvest

As is the tradition at most of the dinners, parents like to educate young kids about the history of the Holiday; telling them how the first Pilgrims arrived in the country and celebrated a bountiful harvest. What better way to express your gratitude to the Almighty for the food than to have a rustic theme for your dinner. Turn your home into a cozy place fragrant with the aromas of wholesome food and other decorations. Here are some of the best ideas you can try.


Let’s Begin with the Table Decor

The enjoyment of great food begins with visual appeal. That’s the reason why expert chefs across the world spend so much time and care on the plating of the food. Dress up your table with warm, natural fibers of burlap. Begin with place mats of the fabric and set out white plates. Add checked napkins folded in interesting ways held in place with wooden holders and place a sprig of rosemary herbs on top. Choose a burlap runner to serve as the base for your table decor that can include mini pumpkins, dried leaves, cotton branches, and gourds.


Looking for a smart eye-catching centerpiece? How about a metal meal tub filled with fragrant potpourri dressed up with stalks of dried wheat. Alternatively, pile the tub with sprigs of millet, scented geranium, dusty miller, and white snapdragon. When you’re ready to lay the table, place white roses on the pile. Use silverware with wooden handles and earthy colors for the serving bowls. Serve the bread, buns, and corn ears in wire or wicker baskets. And, add a finishing touch with lovely long-stemmed wine glasses. Serving Holiday drinks and cocktails in pretty glasses adds to the taste and appeal of the dishes you’ve slaved over.


Et Voila! You have the perfect decor for a rustic-themed Thanksgiving dinner!

Choose the Right Dishes to Match Your Pastoral Theme

Every family has its traditions and time-worn menus handed down over generations. You also probably have recipes that your grandmother gave you, some with secret ingredients and techniques that you cherish fondly. This year, consider adding a few more country-style offerings to match your theme for the Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few additions you could consider if you don’t already serve them each year.


  • While turkeys are permanent fixtures on every Thanksgiving dinner table, try a twist by adding honey and corn syrup glazing topped with herbs. And, if you have guests over that aren’t particularly fond of turkey, you could do a slow-roasted chicken.
  • Sweet potato is another must-have for the feast, but you will be amazed at the many ways in which you can present this simple vegetable. For instance, try a sweet potato baked casserole with a topping of nuts or sweet potato au gratin.
  • Bake soft, airy rolls that melt in the mouth. While the ingredients are basic, the secret lies in the how well you beat the eggs and allow the batter to rise. The best thing about these rolls is that you can bake them a day in advance, freeze in airtight containers, and microwave just before serving.
  • If you’re looking for something to add to the traditional cranberry sauce, know that you can’t go wrong with a touch of oranges and allspice.


These options for your Thanksgiving dinner are just to help you get started. Use your imagination and start experimenting with more ideas.

A Rustic Theme for Your Home

The perfect pastoral meal deserves the right ambiance. And, the best way to create a cozy, welcoming feel in your home would be with burlap cushion covers creating an interesting mix with throw pillows of different colors and textures. Add cotton and tweed in warm colors of grass-green, red, and orange to create a contrast with the burlap. Set up small wooden wheelbarrows with piled pinecones and kindling. You could also place blocks of rough-hewn birch tree trunks to serve as coasters.


Explore mason jars as potential Thanksgiving dinner decorations and you’ll be blow away by the possibilities. For instance, fill the jars with Holiday candies and treats or even fall leaves, dried moss, and acorns in warm hues to make attractive ornaments. Leave the lid on and adorn the jars with pretty checkered ribbons in bright colors. Alternatively, use jute twine and wrap around the neck finishing with a bow holding a stick of cinnamon. If you would prefer to leave your mason jars open, you can stand dried stalks of wheat, sunflowers, grass, and other such items.


You can even use the mason jars as candle holders. Fill them with water and add dark-colored twigs. Place floating candles on the top and you can add a lovely appeal to your home. Or, here’s another idea. Arrange three to four jars in a row. Fill about a fourth of each jar with different items like pumpkin pods, acorns, popcorn kernels, and other small items. Stand a candle amidst them and light up for appeal.


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Happy Thanksgiving!!