Stumped for Holiday Gift Ideas? Combine Utility with Eco-Friendly Themes

With the holidays coming up quickly, you’re probably on the lookout for gifts for friends, family members, and perhaps, clients and employees depending on the scale your business operations. With more than 75% of Americans admitting that they are keenly conscious of their impact on the environment, 2018 is all about eco-friendly holiday gift ideas. Most people you talk to are making an effort to minimize wasteful expenditure and bring their loved ones practical gifts that are sustainable and will help lower the carbon footprint. After all, you do want to bring someone a gift he or she will like to use instead of returning it or placing it in storage.

Holiday gift ideas

But, utility and eco-friendly aside, what are the main deciding factors that will help you choose the perfect gift? Read ahead and find out.

Level of Your Relationship with the Recipient

Your relationship with the recipient and accordingly, the budget you’ll have in mind dictates the kind of gift you pick. If it is a close family member or a cherished friend, the gift can be expensive and thoughtful. You could also get it customized with the recipient’s name and logo for a more personalized touch. The same criteria apply to clients as well. If you conduct business dealings of substantial value with the client, you could plan a more expensive holiday token. Have it inscribed with your company’s logo and perhaps, slogan and you have the ideal corporate gift.

Some good examples would be a padfolio and/or pen or stylus. Should you look around for corporate holiday gift ideas, you’ll find padfolios in leather or linen with or without leather highlights. Again, depending on the budget you have in mind, you could opt for plain or quilted leather bindings. If your budget allows it, go for the more spacious padfolios that come with zippers and have plenty of room for almost all the items the recipient may need for a portable office. For instance, the padfolio can carry sheets of paper, a tablet, pen, stylus, visiting cards, and additional documents.

Keep in mind that such folders make ideal gifts for members of your family or friend circle. But, you can also order them to present to your employees at work. Of course, placing bulk orders could bring down the prices significantly.

Healthful Gifts

Thinking along the lines of sustainable, eco-friendly holiday gift ideas? Consider presenting refillable bottles for beverages. As environmentalists warn, Americans deliver over 38 billion water bottles to landfills every year. To prevent this waste, more and more people are choosing the practice where you carry your own bottle and reuse after washing. You can fill the bottle with any beverage of your choice in place of buying single-use plastic containers. Go ahead and do your bit for the environment by presenting BPA-free bottles to your loved ones. Should you choose to gift them to your employees at work, you will be encouraging the policy of going green.

In place of the standard BPA-free bottles, you can also choose from glass, BPA-free aluminum, or even, double wall stainless steel bottles that can be cleaned and reused multiple times over. The best positive? Use them for hot and cold beverages in addition to water. Did you know that many malls, shopping centers, and other public areas across the country now have refilling stations where you can get a fresh supply of water? Given the increasing awareness of the need for protecting the environment (and, your health, for that matter), your loved ones will certainly appreciate a holiday gift idea of reusable bottles.

Have the bottles imprinted with your company logo or a warm message for loved ones, and you have the ideal customized holiday token that the recipient will cherish, use, and most definitely, remember you by.

Shopping Bags and Totes

Ready for another scary statistic? Environmentalists have found that Americans throw away close to 100 million bags each year. Can you even start to imagine the impact of that waste on the earth? This holiday season spread some green cheer by gifting your loved ones shopping bags, backpacks, and totes made from biodegradable materials like cotton and Jute burlap. Not only are these bags smart and trendy, but they are also sturdy and long-lasting. Once you’re done with them, you won’t have to worry about their taking 1,000 years to break down and decompose completely.

As for customization, you have the option of getting them printed with any kind of logos and names you want. Even if they don’t have a logo, just carrying one announces proudly, “I care about the environment. Do you?”

What’s the Holiday Season Without Candy?

No holiday is complete without candy. And, every adult you know will admit that candy brings back fond memories of gaily-decorated trees, lots of lights, colorful presents tucked around the tree, stuffed stockings, and warm cookies and milk. And, that makes candy of different kinds the best holiday gift idea. Choose from a collection of pocket-sized mints, chocolate, and various other sweet treats that discreetly fit inside a small space. Pull out the box when the craving strikes, and pass around. Instantly, you’ll be everyone’s best friend.

So, why not use these miniature candy and mint boxes as gifts? Watch the recipient open the package and light up with pleasure looking at the irresistible, mouth-watering, tiny treats. The most interesting factor? The boxes are refillable. When you’re out of a batch of candy, simply buy a fresh pack, pour into the box and enjoy!

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