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  1. Back to School Essentials:  Sustainable & Practical Picks for College and High School Students

    back to school

    As summer winds down, the anticipation of the back-to-school season starts to build up for both college and high school students. There is a particular joy in gearing up for a new academic year — the feel of new books, the smell of fresh paper, and the chance to make a sustainable and stylish statement with unique school supplies. This year let us look beyond the traditional to more eco-friendly alternatives, such as jute backpacks, non-woven totes, and reusable water bottles.

    Backpacks Made Better                                            

    Backpacks are more than just a school necessity — they are an extension of a student's personality. They not only carry notebooks and textbooks, but they also showcase one's style. This year, take a step towards sustainability by opting for jute backpacks. Known for their eco-friendliness and durability, jut

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  2. Back to School Supplies

    How to Inculcate Green Habits in Young Adults

    As citizens committed to the future of the
    planet, you’ve probably adopted green practices for regular living that your
    kids also follow. Simple rules like recycling, planting trees, turning off
    faucets to minimize water usage, and switching off lights ingrained from
    childhood will make a world of difference. Now that your kids are getting ready
    for their next semesters, show them how buying eco-friendly back to school
    supplies is the next step in cleaner living. Here are some of the options
    available at that you can consider.

    Let’s Begin with the Backpack -
    Drawstring Bags Anyone?

    When choosing the right bag for kids to bring their back to school sup

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