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Lunch Bags

  1. Top 15 Promotional Products

    Holiday Gift Ideas that Actually Work

    Giving out promotional products during the
    holidays is an excellent way to entice customers to choose your brand over
    competitors. You can also use them to show appreciation to past customers and
    clients for their business all through the year. And, of course, remind
    existing buyers why they chose your company over others selling similar
    products. Should you check around for holiday gift ideas, you’ll find a
    mind-boggling range of items you can give out. But, how would you choose the
    best options that are sure to make the right impact? Read ahead for some of the
    criteria to keep in mind along with some great examples on how to make them

    Plan the Budget for Your
    Advertising Campaign

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  2. Back to School Supplies

    How to Inculcate Green Habits in Young Adults

    As citizens committed to the future of the
    planet, you’ve probably adopted green practices for regular living that your
    kids also follow. Simple rules like recycling, planting trees, turning off
    faucets to minimize water usage, and switching off lights ingrained from
    childhood will make a world of difference. Now that your kids are getting ready
    for their next semesters, show them how buying eco-friendly back to school
    supplies is the next step in cleaner living. Here are some of the options
    available at that you can consider.

    Let’s Begin with the Backpack -
    Drawstring Bags Anyone?

    When choosing the right bag for kids to bring their back to school sup

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  3. Planning for the Memorial Day Weekend? Fun Stuff for the Holiday

    Aren’t you eagerly looking forward to Memorial Day? Like most
    Americans, you probably have plans to make the most of the three-day weekend.
    Many people like to enjoy the holiday as a prelude to a fun-filled summer
    vacation that they’ll be taking soon. But, before talking about all that you
    intend to cram into the long weekend, let’s talk about how this special event
    originated in the country.

    The First Memorial Day was on May 30, 1967

    It will interest you to know that the first Memorial Day was
    celebrated in 1967 in possibly Charleston though various other cities also
    claim credit for the first celebration. In any case, Congress passed the
    Uniform Holiday Act in 1968 and designated the last Monday of every May. That’s
    the day when the country would remember the sac

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  4. Back To School: backpacks and Lunchbags

    Back To School: backpacks and Lunchbags

    As summer ends and classes begin, students around the world are starting to get ready for the long haul ahead. A sturdy backpack and a durable lunch tote are absolute essentials for long days at school.  CarryGreen has offered dozens of ecofriendly totes for back to school which will let you tote your school supplies with style.  backtoschool_Bags

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  5. Back to School: Tips for Waste free lunch

    It is estimated that average kids throw away 67 pounds of garbage each year. While shopping for new clothes, always keep in mind to buy some lunch essentials. This will help you to save hundreds of dollars annually by packing a trash free food for your kidsLunchBags_blogs

    Reusable Lunch Bags: Healthy lunches are a priority for every kid while plastic and paper bags are convenient, they may not promote healthy lunches for you and your family. In fact, they may be doing more harm than good. CarryGreen has introduced Insulated Snack tote, a premium non-woven polypropylene insulated lunch-style tote with zipper closure. The bag has an interior mesh pocket to hold water bottle, utensils and condiments. Pack fresh

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