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  1. St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas - Wear Green, Avoid a Pinch

    Although an Irish tradition to honor St. Patrick, the patron
    saint of Ireland, the festival has long been a part of American celebrations.
    When the Irish arrived as immigrants in the New World, they brought the
    tradition with them. Today, St. Pat’s Day is celebrated with as much fervor as
    the first Irish in the country. In most states, you’ll probably have the
    opportunity to see parades and various other festivities with lots of St.
    Patrick’s Day gift ideas doing the rounds. Incidentally, New York was the first
    city to host a parade in the year, 1762.

    People in moder

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  2. Facts about Jute- Part 1


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  3. How Jute is Produced


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  4. Eco-Friendly Crafts for a Green Halloween

    Halloween is one of almost everybody’s favorite holidays, but unfortunately, the normal celebrations are usually not to my liking. For example, almost all things associated with Halloween are either synthetic, single-serving, or disposable. Eeks! Unnecessary waste is a lot more alarming than goblins or ghosts.halloween


    Environmentally friendly crafts for Halloween are important for the environment – they can reduce the problem of holiday wastage and provide excellent items to celebrate Halloween for

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