Ethically-Viable-Options-–-Cotton-Bamboo-HempOrganic cotton

The greatest benefit here is that there are no pesticides and fertilizers used so it is not poisoning the environment or the people involved in production. Care taken over soil preparation allows it to retain the moisture and reduces the need for supplementary irrigation.



There is no doubt that Bamboo makes a great alternative. It is a soft and very comfortable fabric that allows air to circulate freely. It's also antibacterial, anti-static and anti-fungal. It grows naturally without any need for fertilizers or pesticides and is 100% sustainable and 100% biodegradable.



Hemp is an incredibly soft and strong fabric that can retain its shape over many years. It is a fast growing crop that does not damage the land and has no need for pesticides or fertilizers. It is breathable; keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Hemp is 100% sustainable and 100% biodegradable.