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  1. Ethically Viable Options – Cotton - Bamboo - Hemp

    Ethically-Viable-Options-–-Cotton-Bamboo-HempOrganic cotton

    The greatest benefit here is that there are no pesticides and fertilizers used so it is not poisoning the environment or the people involved in production. Care taken over soil preparation allows it to retain the moisture and reduces the need for supplementary irrigation.


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  2. Making Paper with Non-Wood Plant Fiber

    Non-wood plant fibers have been used to make paper for centuries. Nowadays jute, kenaf and other similar fibers are cultivated in Southeast Asia and the Far East. Kenaf is one of the allied fibers of jute and shows similar Non-wood plant fibers22characteristics. Kenaf was long used for pulp production in Bengal and came to the attention of the West probably in the late nineteenth century when it was noted as a strong fiber, that was superior in strength to even the paper from which the Bank of England notes were made. The kenaf plant has been selected from 500 other plants as the most promising non-wood fiber alternative for the manufacture

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