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organic products

  1. Ethically Viable Options – Cotton - Bamboo - Hemp

    Ethically-Viable-Options-–-Cotton-Bamboo-HempOrganic cotton

    The greatest benefit here is that there are no pesticides and fertilizers used so it is not poisoning the environment or the people involved in production. Care taken over soil preparation allows it to retain the moisture and reduces the need for supplementary irrigation.


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  2. Organic Wear for Holidays

    Holidays are here – it is time for gifts for friends and family. Get into the latest trends of gifting organic wear. It is natural, safe and

    Most of us don't know how much we add to pollution each year by choosing to wear synthetic wear or wear that uses lots of chemicals during processing and dyeing. Washing these with conventional detergents create micro plastic which in turn create havoc in marine habitats. Organic or Natural wear is made from organically farmed cotton, hemp wool etc. Cotton is one of the pesticide sprayed crop in the world and just using cotton is not enough, it must be organically farmed using natural pesticides. The dyeing should be done with natural dyes. Organic wear now comes in t

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  3. Green Living in Apartments

    Several apartment complexes are nowadays taking initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. The most common way to do this is by a recycling program. The rents in such complexes may be higher since the complex management pays for curbside service. Before finalizing on an apartment, be sure to inquire from the landlord about the building recycling. You should follow best practices and only recycle acceptable items. Make a list of items that qualify for recycling and put it up on the refrigerator so that you can check before

    Currently, the global community

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  4. Cooking with Jute Leaves

    Jute is a plant with many uses. It is possible to grow jute for its fresh leaves in certain parts of the world. Few specialty stores also stock it in dried, frozen, or fresh form, depending on their size and location.Cooking-with-jute-leaves

    The leaves of these plants are simple, with slightly jagged edges. When harvested young, jute leaves are tender and flavorful whereas older leaves tend to be more fibrous and woody, thus making them less ideal for consumption. Other than adding a distinctive taste to food, jute leaves also have some nutritional

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