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  1. Biodegradable Fibers

    A lot of products these days are claiming to be recyclable, biodegradable, made from recycled materials, etc. An item that is biodegradable is a product or material made from an eco-friendly material that decomposes in landfills or other environments such as people litter or roadsides. Natural materials are biodegradable because they come directly from other natural fibers or plants. A large majority of the natural fibers are produced by plants. These kinds of materials are made from cotton – the largest plant fiber. Jute is the second largest plant fiber in manufacturing material. Natural fibers are also produced by animals. Materials like wool from sheep and alpaca fibers will decompose naturally. The fibers are woven into fabric and it is the fiber that is biodegradable.

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  2. Infographic on Jute Bag with Cane handles DS-5066


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  3. Crocheted Jute Coasters

    While coasters are mainly used during the hot summer months when our drinks sweat with condensation, jute made coasters are perfect for the spring weather. Making use of only a few materials, jute coasters are extremely simple to make for a crocheted.Crocheted-Jute-Coasters

    If you try to crochet jute too tightly, it will make it tough to insert the crochet hook. Make an effort to loosen the gauge. When weaving the tail at the end, weave it slowly and carefully. Weaving it through multiple stitches is very difficult and needle nosed pliers might be required. Crocheting with jute is not easy and it takes time to get used to it. Do not give up. Your last coaster will definitely look better than the first.

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