Holiday Gift Ideas that Actually Work

Giving out promotional products during the
holidays is an excellent way to entice customers to choose your brand over
competitors. You can also use them to show appreciation to past customers and
clients for their business all through the year. And, of course, remind
existing buyers why they chose your company over others selling similar
products. Should you check around for holiday gift ideas, you’ll find a
mind-boggling range of items you can give out. But, how would you choose the
best options that are sure to make the right impact? Read ahead for some of the
criteria to keep in mind along with some great examples on how to make them

Plan the Budget for Your
Advertising Campaign

Undoubtedly, you’ll begin with the budget you
can allocate to the advertising campaign. A good rule of the thumb to follow
would be around five percent of the revenues you earn each year. You can order
a series of giveaways for using as say, in-store promotions or corporate

  1. Pens - You could start with small items that everyone uses regularly like pens in an array of colors and designs. Depending on the kind of recipients you have in mind, choose basic single ink pens or a combination of two inks and a stylus.
  2. Golf Towels - If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas to complement purchases of say, sports equipment, consider giving out golf towels.
  3. Travel Mugs & Tumblers - Travel mugs are always a hit because everyone needs to get coffee on the go at some time.
  4. Padfolios and Portfolios - Depending on the size of business you’re getting from a particular company, sending top executives portfolios is an excellent choice. Choose from a selection of fabric or leather-bound folders that can carry documents, a calculator and pen, and perhaps, an iPad. Remember to get the gift customized for that special touch.

Identify Your Target Audience

When choosing holiday gift ideas, you’ll want
them to match your brand and the kind of products you’re promoting with this
advertising campaign. Work out the target audience and the giveaways they’re
likely to appreciate best. Here are some options to get you started:

  1. Do you sell kitchenware? Or, maybe, your publishing house has just released a new cookbook. In that case, your promotional products would include kitchen towels
  2. Does your company sell beers, wines, and other alcoholic drinks? Considering that people are sure to purchase drinks for the Holidays, consider presenting customized glassware that advertises your logo and perhaps, the catchy slogan you’ve developed for this year’s marketing.
  3. Are you a startup not yet ready to invest in glassware for your wine company? You can opt for the more economical wine bottle totes for bringing the drinks to say, a Holiday celebration.
  4. Does your store sell back to school supplies? Or, maybe, your focus is on trendy teen wear. What’s the one thing that every student is likely to absolutely need? Journals and padfolios!
  5. What if you don’t have a specific strategy for the Holidays this year? Then, without too much debating, go for the universal promotional products that always work - ceramic or glass coffee mugs Keep it simple with just the company icon and brand name and you have an all-time winner that always works for holiday gift ideas.
  6. Are you advertising your new fitness center? Then you need a giveaway that acts as a conversation starter. How about BPA-free or stainless steel bottles with insulation to keep bodybuilders and other athletes hydrated during their workouts.
  7. Does your company organize weddings? Or, maybe you sell couture wedding gowns. Among the other complimentary items you offer for getting a contract, consider adding personalized wedding favor bags that can carry gifts from the bride to her friends and family.

Choose the Right Time to Present
the Promotional Products

Considering that companies organize lots of
events during the Holidays, you can choose giveaways to match the occasion.

  1. Tumblers for Trade Shows - Have you set up a booth at a trade show? You’ll need gifts that create a memorable impression in the minds of the people who visit your temporary storefront. Keep in mind that the item you choose must stand out from the hundreds of competitors present at the event. Consider portable tumblers emblazoned with the company brand and logo.
  2. Tote Bags for Trade Shows - Given that trade shows have the potential to reach out to customers and potential business partners, tote bags are another of the most effective holiday gift ideas. Recipients are sure to appreciate a handy bag for carrying all the swag they get at the show. Each time they bring your bag for going shopping, they’re sure to remember your company and the products you were promoting.
  3. Christmas Party at the Office - Even as you include a bunch of giveaways for your customers, don’t forget your employees. Holidays are the perfect time for employee appreciation to show that you value the efforts they put in at work. Choose gifts that will act as brand ambassadors when your workers use them. The promotional products need not be expensive and you’re free to present the bonus check along with the gift.
  4. Gifts for Shoppers - Holidays are a time for self-indulgence when shoppers go over the top with the gifts they buy for family and friends. Each time someone purchases a product, how about adding a giveaway? Sometimes, even a small box of jelly beans goes a long way.

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