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  1. Kenaf – alternative to wood pulp

    Kenaf is still not a household name. Recycling is king but not kenaf, nor any of the other plant fiber alternatives to wood pulping for that matter. We recycle, but we pay very little attention to finding the ultimate alternative to using trees for making paper products. There has been very little progress in telling the world about this crop and its myriad uses. And that is a real shame because the benefits derived from growing, distributing and making paper products out of kenaf are so obvious that even consumers who are not researchers or specialists cannot dispute them. Nowadays, there is an even greater urgency to find the best possible solutions to our ever-worsening environmental situation. Just as alternatives to fossil fuels are being aggressively researched, alternatives to wood pulping for paper products must also be pursued with equal commitment. Raising awareness, governmental support, and funding that

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  2. Tree-Free Paper

    Many people are shockingly still not aware that wood and wood products come from living forests. From the cutting of huge tracts of forests to the poisoning of the rivers and streams with chlorine and dioxin run-off from paper mills, making paper from wood just does not make a lot of sense, especially in this day and age. If people were aware that they could have a high quality paper product that would not become brittle or yellow with age, that could be made cheaply and would do less harm to the environment, real changes might begin to rumble through the papermaking industry. The word needs to be spread. The idea has to take hold. People need to be educated first, and then encouraged to act on their knowledge and convictions.

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  3. Making Paper with Non-Wood Plant Fiber

    Non-wood plant fibers have been used to make paper for centuries. Nowadays jute, kenaf and other similar fibers are cultivated in Southeast Asia and the Far East. Kenaf is one of the allied fibers of jute and shows similar Non-wood plant fibers22characteristics. Kenaf was long used for pulp production in Bengal and came to the attention of the West probably in the late nineteenth century when it was noted as a strong fiber, that was superior in strength to even the paper from which the Bank of England notes were made. The kenaf plant has been selected from 500 other plants as the most promising non-wood fiber alternative for the manufacture

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  4. Crocheted Jute Coasters

    While coasters are mainly used during the hot summer months when our drinks sweat with condensation, jute made coasters are perfect for the spring weather. Making use of only a few materials, jute coasters are extremely simple to make for a crocheted.Crocheted-Jute-Coasters

    If you try to crochet jute too tightly, it will make it tough to insert the crochet hook. Make an effort to loosen the gauge. When weaving the tail at the end, weave it slowly and carefully. Weaving it through multiple stitches is very difficult and needle nosed pliers might be required. Crocheting with jute is not easy and it takes time to get used to it. Do not give up. Your last coaster will definitely look better than the first.

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  5. Winter Gardening with Burlap

    Generations of gardeners have been using burlap for many gardening tasks. Jute is a versatile fiber and is used to make rope, twine and other products along with burlap. Twine and burlap are safe to use in a vegetable garden. They can provide valuable nutrients to the soil as they decompose.


    Burlap is a useful barrier for weeds all around the year, particularly usefully in the garden during winter. Inexperienced gardeners frequently use just plastic as a protection against damage from frost, only to be disappointed when the plants get damaged because of moisture collecting under the plastic and freezing. Since burlap is permeable and doesn’t trap moisture, it is a safe material for use when covering t

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  6. Jute Rugs – Wonderful Addition to Your Home

    Jute rugs are extensively sold all over the world because of a combination of impressive appearance and durability. Made of natural fiber and chemical free, these rugs add credit to its popularity as well. Jute fibers are naturally anti-static and have moisture regulating and insulating properties. These rugs have a luxurious texture and are very soft as compared to other types of area rugs. They are not exactly hard wearing and hence can be used on low foot traffic areas or bedroom floor where a soft feel to the foot is needed. However, jute can also be woven in complex patterns in order to create bold and sturdily textured rug that can endure high foot traffic.juterugs

    Like most of the other area rugs, jute rugs too get stained

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  7. Natural Home Made cleaners for the house and the housekeeper

    Natural Home Made cleaners for the house and the housekeeper

    Have you ever thought of natural homemade cleaners for your house? By using very simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and water, you can not only clean your house, but use the concoction to clean your face and body. Here are some tips.homemade_cleaners

    1. Make your own cleaners: Avoid using the harsh, toxic chemicals and make your own cleaner by mixing half cup water, one cup vinegar and a table spoon of baking soda in a spray bottle. Spray it on your counter top, kitchen area, bathroom sinks for a germ free, stain free surface.
    2. Say No to paper towels: Gather some old cotton clothes
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  8. CarryGreen Sponsors 4th Annual Movable Feast



    St. John's Well Child and Family Center's Annual Movable Feast is an event that promotes the importance of access to healthy food for residents living in South Los Angeles. The goal of the event is to nurture a healthier environment for the community. CarryGreen being a long-time advocate of a greener and healthier environment is very excited to be a sponsor of this event and be a part of its success.

    Please visit our page and support our cause.

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