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wedding favor bags

  1. Jute Bags for Wedding Favors

    You most probably have seen those promotional tote bags that some shops and groceries give away for a certain amount that you purchased. wedding-jute-bags


    Did you know that such bags are made of jute? Jute is a plant fiber that grows abundantly like cotton. Giving away such bags is now becoming a popular and hot trend for wedding favors. They are inexpensive, environment-friendly, and economical and the best deal is that they can also be personalized. If you are planning to have a beach-themed wedding, this is one great wedding favor that has all the desirable characteristics wedding favors have - environment friendly, simple and elegant; women will go crazy on such bags. They are light, easy to

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  2. Go-Green Wedding Favors

    Summer is always a popular time for weddings. Many couples like to give gifts to the people who serve in the wedding party. They may also want to give their guests a token gift as a reminder of the special day. Instead of using disposable gift wrap , paper or plastic bags or other things that are likely to wind up in the landfill, consider going green with wedding favor bags, or with wine gift bags for the wedding party. Customize the gift bags with the logo you choose to use for your wedding. You can even include your names and the date of the ceremony. If you're looking for unique wedding ideas, consider some of these suggestions for wedding favors or wedding party gifts.

    Wedding Party Gifts

    When you

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  3. Wedding Season: Gift Guide We Just Cant Hide!

    t's an age-old tradition, and one that shouldn't be forgotten. Although giving wedding favors has changed much over the past few decades, one thing remains true; you should always show those you care about that you're thankful for the effort and time they've invested in your wedding. After all, your wedding day wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for your friends and family. When it comes to giving great wedding favors, we wanted to share a gift guide that we just can't hide.

    Wedding Favor Bags

    Wedding favor bags make for the best gifts because they can be filled with anything of your liking. You can stuff them full of items that directly relate to your wedding as well as other stuff. The important thing is to be original. In fact, you should consider filling your bags with items that are personalized.

    wedding favor bags

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  4. 5 Ways to Create Wedding Mementos/Keepsakes

    Guests and wedding party members love to take home mementos from weddings. But if you’re the one doing the planning, it's hard to settle on the perfect item. So many choices! 

    Here’s the key....

    This day is all about creating lasting memories, instead of choosing favors that can be tossed out the next day or week, choose unique wedding ideas that are both useful and reusable. Take a look at the following keepsakes that your guests will treasure for years to come.

    1. Reusable Wine Bag – Looking for sustainable gift bag ideas? The gift that keeps on giving, even go another step and get them personalized to give each of your guests a personal experience.
    2. Personalized Water Bottles – A reusable water bottle is a tasteful memento that guests of all ages will appreciate. Make the gift into a memento by personalizing the bott
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  5. Wedding Favor Guest Gift Bags


    Go green, while maintaining your sense of style, with these #reusable, large 100% natural jute fiber tote bag with different styles of handles. These natural just tote bags can make great #bridesmaids gifts and also makes a great gift for your wedding guest as favor gifts.  These bags are perfect for a trip to the market or beach. Bag has an outer jute lining and is plastic lined for easy cleaning.

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  6. Ecofriendly wedding favor tote bags


    As winter melts into spring, life emerges.  Flower buds poke through the dead leaves, you can feel the freshness in the air. It is a perfect time to get married and start a new life. CarryGreen’s jute tote with white colored piping and webbed handle is an ideal ecofriendly wedding favor for the spring. The jute/Burlap fabric is all natural, organic and gives a rustic look to your spring wedding ideas. And then there is the webbed handle which gives the outside of the bag the added element that is chic and sophisticated for any wedding guests to carry. The inside isn’t just a big space where you throw all of your items, but they are very practical and functional too.

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  7. 100% Organic Eco-friendly Jute/ Burlap Tote bag with round cane handles DS-5066


    Are you looking for organic beach bag?

    The main feature of jute hand bag is the durability. Apart from durability, it is easy to handle or pack. This customizable jute tote bag for any occasion in which a carrying bag would be necessary. The versatile design of this tote bag is such that it’s acceptable at formal and casual events. This bag has trendy design, good quality and competitive price. This bags is eco-friendly, organic, bio-degradable, reusable, recyclable and attractive Jute/ burlap Bag. This bag is sturdy and can hold heavy shopping. Round cane handles adds more style  to this bag.


    We sell single pieces at Amazon Check out our page

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