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beach bags

  1. Bring in the Freshness of Summer with Green Spring Cleaning

    The first hint of warmth in the air is always
    welcomed with anticipation of sunny days, clear skies, and a burst of new life
    and greenery after the long, cold winter. Traditionally, housewives would get
    ready to clean the house from top to bottom to get rid of the accumulated soot
    and grime. These black remnants typically came from the wood fires burning to
    keep the house warm and settled on every surface. In present times, even though
    technology has eliminated the soot (Thank Goodness for gas heating!), people
    still like to welcome the change of season with a thorough spring cleaning.

    Spring Cleaning Usually Means

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  2. Beach bags – a cool utility

    While you are at the beach, you require something to hold all your essentials and keep them dry and safe. Beach bags are the best option to stuff all your belongings, as they are big tote bags providing the extra space to your towels, sun tan lotion, books, sunglasses and much more along with your edibles. Beach bags are available in different shapes, sizes, patterns and styles. These bags add glamor and class to every person who is carrying it. These eye catching beach bags are mostly made of cotton, leather, nylon and jute. Waterproof bags for beaches are also available in bold prints and bright colors.Beach-bags-–-a-cool-utility

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  3. Cotton Bags for Traveling

    Why carry a heavy leather or plastic suitcase while traveling when they add some extra weight making you to carry more weight than you need to? When traveling in trains or planes, a carry-on luggage is almost always a necessity for your essentials. A cotton carry bag can be a perfect choice for putting all those items securely to keep under your seat. cottonBagsfor-traveling

    Cotton bags are a quintessential commodity throughout the world. Cotton is a natural fiber, primarily used in the textile and garment industry. Cotton has been used dated back in the 3000 BC in India and gradually it spread to China, Egypt and the South Pacific. Cotton tote bags and garments are the most

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  4. Your Ultimate Beach Companion for summer

    Your Ultimate Beach Companion for summer

    The summer is here. With soaring temperature, it is the perfect time to enjoy the beach. Purchasing the essentials is only the first step in preparing for your summer vacation. Packing and preparing for the trip will make this summer a season to remember.beach_companion

    Although the bag is important for your summer plans, you may also want to consider a few other essentials to carry with you. The basic essentials for a trip to the beach include:

    • Towels
    • Sunscreen
    • Beach toys for children
    • A volleyball or similar objects for beach activities
    • Water bottlesThe hand crafted, high quality large cotton canvas bags are designed
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    Carrygreen has a wide selection of ecofriendly jute and cotton bags which will attract your wardrobe this summer. Are you ready to head out for the beach? With sunny skies, warm winds and soft sands, our beach tote bags are picture-perfect for beach outings. CarryGreen offers this three colored 12 oz. Cotton tote bag which is perfect for everyone. It has one large compartment and it big enough to throw beach stuff like essential oils, spray bottles, organic sunscreen etc. The blend of colors from soft to bold gives the bag a very attractive look. CarryGreen also offers a wide collection of jute and cotton beach bags that are durable, unbreakable and ecofriendly

    These beach tote bags are offered in a wide kaleidoscope of colors like turquoise blue, hot pink and bright orange. Choose from a selection of nautical prints on these personalized bags

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  6. Wedding Favor Guest Gift Bags


    Go green, while maintaining your sense of style, with these #reusable, large 100% natural jute fiber tote bag with different styles of handles. These natural just tote bags can make great #bridesmaids gifts and also makes a great gift for your wedding guest as favor gifts.  These bags are perfect for a trip to the market or beach. Bag has an outer jute lining and is plastic lined for easy cleaning.

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  7. Jute Burlap Shopping Bags

    Jute Shopping Bags


    Jute Shopping Totes Bags Burlap Bag

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  8. 12 oz. Cotton Canvas Boat Tote Bag with Front Pocket - DS-8137


    Here I am wasting my time .. sitting in my cube .. hoping its 5 PM,  so I can just log off and go home .. Summer is over and all I wished that I could have gone  to  the beach more .. It would have been so nice for me to have taken a week off and enjoy the sands in my feet.. Get a nice book, a sandwich and lots of sun tan lotion… Oh wait … I would also need a beach bag .. a Bag that goes with the color of my swim suit .. something classy .. something as beautiful as me ..

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  9. Eco-Friendly Beach Shopping Tote with Leather handles [SKU:DS-5088]



    Jute bag with Leather handles. As this bag is spacious you can use it for grocery, beach, shopping. This two tone bag gives the bag  a simple look. Excellent for holidays, these jute handbags represent a magical blend of dimension, pattern and colors. They are nicely shaped and designed to suit the users. Durable and stylish, they are certain to turn heads. These jute bags can be used for almost any purpose. Reusable, eye catching, lightweight, durable and affordable.

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  10. Reusable Jute/ Burlap Beach Bags- Eco-Friendly Tote

    J0034 (2)


    Beach bag is used for carrying personal items like – towel, creams, lotion and other stuffs necessary for beach trip. Beach bags are larger in size to accommodate more items. These bags are durable, eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable.

    Now you can also buy single piece tote bag at Amazon :
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