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wine bags

  1. Green Material for Promotional Bags

    Printed bags can be made of jute, cotton, cloth, or any other affordable material that are quite easy to design and print on. For mass marketing efforts, you can order bags made from very affordable material and have them printed on which further saves you money.Green-Material-for-Promotional-Bags

    For example, if you want to add a Green factor to your drive to better appeal to the growing numbers of environmentalists out there, always pay attention to what you are giving away. If you want to give away printed bags, then give away bags that are made from Green material such as jute. Other materials would apply to other marketing drives, like using

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  2. Reusable Favor Bags for Events

    Personalized wine bags being used as favors at various events are climbing exponentially in popularity. Reusable-Favor-Bags-for-Events

    Available in a number of stylish designs, guests can take their custom wine bags, as well as any leftover wine home with them and reuse the bags at a later time. Your guests can always bring along your wine bags to any other events or parties they attend and as a result ensure that your personalized wine bags can always be used. By ordering such customized bags, many people think they can only be used for corporate events. However, wine bags can be used as popular birthday gifts, wedding favors, and more. With wine being such a popular beverage around

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  3. 10 Ecofriendly Wedding Gift Ideas

    A wedding gift can be sophisticated, whimsical, and traditional. A newly married couple can go berserk with their new wedding gifts.  It’s getting harder and harder to buy wedding gifts these days. A quick suggestion would be to choose gifts which are natural, easy to use and ecofriendly.  Here are some tips for eco -friendly wedding gift ideas. Eco-friendly gift ideas

    Customized pillow covers: Whimsical and sweet, CarryGreen’s burlap and cotton pillow covers can   be customized.  Choose from ecofriendly customized burlap pillow covers for the newlyweds. Imprint their names on the exterior. This way they would remember the gift giver well.

    Eco-friendly travel bags: Choose hard jute burlap bags which are great for travelling long distances. They are hardy, reusable, ecofriendly and a great alternati

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  4. Wine Gift Bags



    As the cool northern breeze blow you away, now is the time for some Wine from the vine.  Yes, technically have some wine from the vine and “Rise and Shine”. I am really fascinated by the CarryGreen’s single bottle wine bag which was given as a gift from a friend. This bag is a perfect gift for a wine lover like me. Made with organic jute, this bag is durable enough to hold any precious wine. Extremely affordable, this bag can be a perfect gift when you are on a budget in this tough economy. It is ecofriendly and 100% recyclable.

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  5. Eco-Friendly Jute Single Bottle Wine Bags


    As the weather gets warm, flower pokes through the dead leaves and spring has arrived. With the budding flowers and the leaves foliage, spring brings in the flavor of renewal and rebirth of all things that are rustic, earthy and green. Checkout CarryGreen single bottle wine carry bag for the upcoming spring. Made with organic jute, this ecofriendly rustic wine tote bag is a perfect gift for any occasions. This single wine bottle jute bag has rope handles and comes in two colors Black & Natural. Make gift giving a little more exciting by using these beautiful yet reasonably priced wine totes. They are environment-friendly and extremely sturdy so repeated use won’t be an issue. They c

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