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Cotton Bags

  1. Back To School: backpacks and Lunchbags

    Back To School: backpacks and Lunchbags

    As summer ends and classes begin, students around the world are starting to get ready for the long haul ahead. A sturdy backpack and a durable lunch tote are absolute essentials for long days at school.  CarryGreen has offered dozens of ecofriendly totes for back to school which will let you tote your school supplies with style.  backtoschool_Bags

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  2. Eco Conscious Meets Fashion Conscious

    A few years ago, what might have been considered a fad, is now a well-established trend in the fashion industry. Bamboo, jute, vegan leather, even candy wrappers and rice sacks are being turned into functional, fashionable handbags. These bags are chic and smart at the same time. Jute is a natural sustainable fiber spun into coarse, strong threads. Handbags have always been a necessary accessory. Whether out on the town or running errands with the kids, handbags complete the outfit and, at the same time, keep you organized. Designers are now successfully combining the function of handbags with environmentally friendly materials to create accessories that are not only smart but sexy. After recycling the same tired trends over and over, the fashion industry is now exploding with creative ways to use recycled materials. From high end creations to the fun and funky, this is no longer a fad. Eco friendly fashions are here to stay, and it goes beyond just handbags. 

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  3. Cotton Bags for Traveling

    Why carry a heavy leather or plastic suitcase while traveling when they add some extra weight making you to carry more weight than you need to? When traveling in trains or planes, a carry-on luggage is almost always a necessity for your essentials. A cotton carry bag can be a perfect choice for putting all those items securely to keep under your seat. cottonBagsfor-traveling

    Cotton bags are a quintessential commodity throughout the world. Cotton is a natural fiber, primarily used in the textile and garment industry. Cotton has been used dated back in the 3000 BC in India and gradually it spread to China, Egypt and the South Pacific. Cotton tote bags and garments are the most

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  4. Stop Wasting Gift Wraps & Use Reusable Gift Bags

    You can save money and prevent unnecessary wastage, and at the same time add a personal touch to the gifts that you give by using reusable gift bags and eco-friendly gift wraps. Perfect for any gift size or season, these bags will surely inspire more fun and creative ideas for gift wrapping.Gift-wraps


    During the holiday season four million tons of gift wrapping papers are wasted in just a single year. Considering disposable and light weight gift wraps, that is a staggering amount of gift wraps ending in rubbish piles every year. People spend at least three hours in wrapping gifts just for holidays every year, not including baby showers, weddings and birthday etc. Using flexible and reusable gift wraps, it is

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  5. Green Living

    It appears that more and more businesses and people are embracing the “going green” and “green living” drive. However what does it really mean to go green or live green? Does it mean that we have to be an ultimate tree hugging environmentalist? Nope! Although that certainly would have been great! Living green is merely living a responsible lifestyle that puts focus on lessening a person’s negative impact on the environment and making beneficial, healthy, and safe choices to save and protect planet Earth, and eventually ourselves. By making wiser day to day choices, we can improve the quality of life and control the harm that is being done to the


    There are plenty of things that all

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  6. Why Eco-Fashion?

    It is said that if every consumer on a daily basis, starts to knowingly link their purchase to the consumption of limited resources of Earth, and takes responsibility of their own consumption of resources, we might be able to live as a supportable

    Eco-fashion or alternate fashion is a part of the fashion world. Eco-fashion is a part of a larger trend where the product is manufactured and produced keeping in mind the social and environmental impact it might have all through its life cycle. This impact would be in terms of no child labor, lesser carbon footprint

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  7. Custom Printed Promotional Bags for Breast Cancer Awareness

    You might think why every year in October pink ribbons and other breast cancer awareness products, for example, bags with custom printed logos can be seen everywhere. The pink ribbons are for showing support for people suffering from breast cancer. Breast cancer is an often fatal disease that a lot of women face every day. In the US, breast cancer is the 2nd largest cause of death in women, after lung cancer. Every year it is estimated that approximately 200,000 women will be detected with breast cancer and more than 40,000 would die. A cure must to be found!breastcancer_2


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  8. Are plastic bags better than Cotton Bags?

    New research is showing that plastic bags are not as harmful for the environment as it claims to be. Scientific research has been made to prove that a cotton bag production consumes more energy than a polythene bag. “A cotton bag has to be used 131 times before it has the same environmental impact than its plastic counterpart “(Source: A thin plastic bag produce 1.57 Kg of Co2 which cause global warming. A cotton bag has to be reused 171 times to release the same level of Co2. (Source:

    Being an eco-conscious company, CarryGreen have

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  9. 3 Natural Fibers for Sustainability

    3 Natural Fibers for Sustainability

    Natural fibers are great substances that are spun into ropes or thread great in producing fabulous items such as bags, rugs, carpet, carriers, and upholstery. Natural fibers are extracted from the plants and are divided into 3 categories: Fruit fiber, Stem fiber and Leaf fiber.3-natural-fibers

    Fruit Fiber: Fruit fibers are extracted from the fruits of plants and they are light and hairy. Example is cotton, coconut fibers. Cotton is the most important fibers primarily used in the textile industry. Cotton is used in the production of bags, carriers, clothes, outfits etc.

    Stem Fibers: Jute, also known as the golden fiber, is

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  10. Explore your Farmers Market in Fall

    Explore your Farmers Market in Fall

    Buying healthy organic fruits and vegetables from neighborhood farmer’s markets is an important part of a green lifestyle. Supporting local growers reduces the amount of energy used to transport, store and display food and other goods. By supporting local agriculture, you are pumping money into your local economy. By eating locally grown produce, you are eating seasonally which is not only sustainable, but has tons of nutrition benefits too.Grocery_instagram

    It is not only local grown produce which makes a sustainable difference into our lifestyle. But the way we transport our locally grown goodies can make a difference too. Plastic and one-use bags are a waste o

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