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Cotton Bags

  1. Cotton – Ecologically Friendly

    Plastic is a byproduct of petroleum and not exactly environmentally friendly. Seeing a landscape littered with plastic is not nice on the eyes or the landscape. In order to make paper bags, more and more trees obviously will need to be cut down. On top of all this, plastic and paper bags simply cannot match the durability of a cotton bag.Cotton-–-Ecologically-Friendly

    Nowadays people are switching to more ecologically friendly products which include the use of cotton bags. The advantage of cotton bags

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  2. Reusable & Popular Promotional Products for Election

    Ecofriendly bags and reusable totes have become popular promotional products that are used in election campaigns for good reasons. Bans on plastic bags have become the norm nationwide and by giving away these logo tote bags, candidates in the election can restate their commitment to the environment, which in turn will increase rapport with the voters. The big plus of totes is its generous imprint area, which makes a great canvas for all your mesReusable-&-Popular-Promotional-Products-for-Electionsages and slogan. Designed to last long, totes

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  3. Ethically Viable Options – Cotton - Bamboo - Hemp

    Ethically-Viable-Options-–-Cotton-Bamboo-HempOrganic cotton

    The greatest benefit here is that there are no pesticides and fertilizers used so it is not poisoning the environment or the people involved in production. Care taken over soil preparation allows it to retain the moisture and reduces the need for supplementary irrigation.


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  4. Supplementary to Designer Bags

    At first blush, the trend of reusable shopping bags would seem at odds with the explosive increase of high-end handbags. But it turns out that some consumers are eager to walk around with a thousand dollar worth branded purse on one arm and the shopping bag it came in on the other. Supplementary-to-Designer-Bags

    Until recently, top-of-the-line, high priced imported handbags were symbol of status. But today, designer goods have flooded the market, are no longer as exclusive as they once

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  5. Custom Bags for Election Campaigns

    Election Campaigns for the presidential race are in full swing and candidates are leaving nothing to chance in incite the interest of the Custom-Bags-for-Election-Campaignsvoters. Everybody is under pressure and candidates are coming up with creative campaign ideas such as promotional gifts like personalized bags to stay on top of the voters’ minds. CarryGreen carries an extensive range of products to endorse your election campaign, use for giveaways for political rally, and keep your candidate's name on top of mind in the political race. They are a web-based store with prices l

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  6. Cotton Bags – Good for Advertising

    Cotton bags have another useful quality and that is advertisement.


    There are many options nowadays to use the cotton bag as a walking advertisement. It is possible to print various logos and designs on the bag. It is basically the same concept done on cotton T-shirts. Along with cotton, canvas is also used to make bags and they can be done with various styles of prints. Canvas like cotton is also made from a biodegradable product, known as hemp. The interesting thing is that both of these products have been used to make accessories for some

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  7. Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

    Throwing a thanksgiving party that is eco-friendly may not be as complicated as it seems. Just stick to the rule of Reduce, reuse and recycle. You can lessen the amount of wastage being made by only buying items that are needed. You can also reuse a lot of things for the party.thanksgiving For example, you can reuse the decorations that were used last season. Eco friendly decorations are another good idea to celebrate the thanksgiving season. Remember to carry jute bags or paper bag when you go and do some shopping. You can use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins that can be washed and used again. Make it a point to recycle all metal, waste paper

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  8. Uses of Jute Fiber

    usesofjuteJute fibers can be used alone or blended with other types of fibers to make twine and rope. The coarse ends of the plants, also known as Jute butts, are used to make inexpensive cloth. On the other hand, very fine threads of jute can be taken out and made into imitation silk. Jute fibers can also be used to make paper, and with increasing fear about forest destruction for wood pulp that is used to make most paper, the importance of jute for this purpose is expected to increase in future. Jute fibers can also be woven into curtains, chair coverings, carpets, hessian cloth, and backing for linoleum. is a web-based store having a large selection of totes from cotton and jute to non-woven and canvas bags

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  9. Soy Candles – a biodegradable option

    Soy candle wedding favors are a great biodegradable option to normal candles and will be great for guests who love You can even take it up a notch and use votive style candles with great scenes of nature in the fall. If you live near a national park see if you can use such images as a template for the designs for your candles. Whatever items you use make sure they are recyclable or biodegradable. It is of no use to support conservation and preserving natural treasures if you are just going to give people a greater opportunity to litter or make more polluting garbage. So take into account how "green" your wedding favors are this fall. is a web-based store having a large selection of totes from

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  10. Make a Statement with Trendy Handbags

    A handbag or a tote can add lots of charm to the otherwise plain dressing style. Apart from being stylish and trendy, a handbag should be functional to meet the daily needs of a woman. Picking up the right colored tote is also important. Though printed bags are trendy, it is better to carry a single colored tote or handbag in case you are wearing a colorful and flashy costume. trendy-bagsYou can even add a few handbags that go well with the change of seasons. It is a wonderful idea to go with red in fall or green in spring. Black is one such color that goes well with all seasons. Handbags and tote bags are available in an array of materials and textures

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