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  1. Cotton Bags – Good for Advertising

    Cotton bags have another useful quality and that is advertisement.


    There are many options nowadays to use the cotton bag as a walking advertisement. It is possible to print various logos and designs on the bag. It is basically the same concept done on cotton T-shirts. Along with cotton, canvas is also used to make bags and they can be done with various styles of prints. Canvas like cotton is also made from a biodegradable product, known as hemp. The interesting thing is that both of these products have been used to make accessories for some

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  2. Facts About Jute Part 2


    Jute is the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton.
    Jute is one of the most versatile natural fibers that has been used in raw materials for packaging, textiles, non-textile, and agricultural sectors.
    Jute is the most cheap vegetable fiber procured from bast of the Jute plant and it falls into the category of bast fibers (other bast fibers are Flax, Hemp, Ramie, etc.).
    Jute has high tensile strength, and low extensibility.
    Jute stem has very high volume of cellulose that can be procured within 4-6 months, and hence it also can save the forest and meet cellulose and wood requirement of the world.
    The best

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  3. Style and Pattern of Reusable Bags

    Environmental friendly people want to be seen and associated with natural fabric bags. Available in natural and soft hues, some bags ooze concern and class. Multicolored printed bags, patchwork bags, embossed and embroidered bags are everybody’s favorite. 63381-Combo

    In bag related trade shows, latest fashion trend and a lot of design elements are revealed. Some bags are attractive, featuring a braided ribbons, embroidered beads, or corsage as decoration, whereas others are more glitzy, featuring sea shells, wooden beads or rhinestones. There are b

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  4. Facts about Jute- Part 1


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  5. How Jute is Produced


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  6. New Year Recycling Resolution

    The holidays are finally over and we can hopefully begin slowing down and getting our lives back to normal.newyear-resolution It is not too late to make recycling resolutions. New Years are a great opportunity to not only reuse, but to recycle. Almost all of the boxes and wrapping paper can be recycled. There are practically endless possibilities to reuse. Most of the ribbons that are used to pack gifts can be used for several years. A lot of boxes that hold the gifts can be used for packaging gifts the next year. Some stores even charge for gift boxes! Pretty little gift bags can be used for somebody else’s gift anyplace down the road. T

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  7. Recycling the Christmas Tree

    If you use an artificial Christmas tree, you can fold it up and store it for next year. If you have purchased a live tree including the root ball and live in a warm environment, you can plant it in your yard and enjoy it for years to come. A lot of communities have some sort of recycling for cut Christmas trees. Some of them have curbside pickup to recycle the trees. christmas-trees-recycleSome communities use old trees to shred and cover trails and pathways through parks. This helps to reduce and repair the damage created during hikes. Some communities turn old trees into mulch and then provide it to the public for free. Think

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  8. Resolutions for New Year

    Resolve to start recycling if you haven’t already. You can start small. If you already recycle, take it up a notch. If your curbside recycling service does not accept certain items, resolve to begin taking that item to the drop off facility near your area. RESOLUTION-2016Resolve to purchase more items made from recycled materials such as napkins, toilet paper, Paper towels, and other paper products that fall into this category. Resolve to purchase more items in bulk, consequently reducing packaging waste. Resolve to create at least one creative craft using something you might consider to throw away. This can reduce stress, and is a great w

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  9. Trend or Demand for Reusable Bag

    Reusable bags are still the bag of choice for most occasions under the prevalent theme about environment protection. Hence people would strive to make it better, and the solution should be a bag that is, easily folded flat, both for storage at the checkout counter and for refolding for the return journey. trend-for-resuable-bagsComparatively inexpensive to produce, so the grocery stores and supermarket would use it in greater amount not worrying about their cost control. Made of durable, sustainable materials that give the bag structure but also keep it lightweight. Easy to carry, maybe in different patterns like traditional

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  10. Infographic on Jute Bag with Cane handles DS-5066


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